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Раздвигая границы
Очень понравился роман! Серьёзный, можно сказать, тяжёлый. Очень эмоционально, не раз всплакнула. Герои - две сильно израненные души, нашли спасение друг в друге. Целиком нашла на другом ресурсе.
Блуждающие души
Романтично, необычно, но... на вкус и цвет)
Сафари на Чужого
Для космической боевой фантастики слабовато(
Это было в Китае (СИ)
События разворачиваются ооооочень медленно, к середине читать надоедает
По следу (СИ)
Хорошо, но коротко
В плену закона (СИ)
Написано хорошо, но коротко
Fortuna Caeca Est (Судьбы судебный приговор) (СИ)
Очень намудренный роман, читать устала. Одно да потому и конца не видно. И самое главное нет искры все как то монотонно написано.
Dave Barry Slept Here
Dave Barry Slept Here
Автор: Barry Dave Жанр: Развлечения Язык: английский Страниц: 28 Добавил: Admin 10 Июн 11 Проверил: Admin 10 Июн 11 Формат:  FB2 (83 Kb)  EPUB (232 Kb)  MOBI (677 Kb)

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DAVE Barry was described in The New York Times Book Reviewas “the funniest man in America,” a claim he has been quick to disavow, except for the plaque on the front door. Nevertheless, the reviewer got there late: The Pulitzer Prize Committee had cited him for commentary earlier in 1988, and he got off with an appropriately light sentence (Even earlier, in 1986, he won the Distinguished Writing Award of the American Association of Newspaper Editors, but what do they know?). Apart from these facts—which, as Mr. Barry occasionally Puts it—we are not making up, the relevant details seem to be that he writes for The Miami Heraldand is syndicated in approximately 150 other newspapers, several of which make money despite this.

Barry lives with his wife, Beth, and son, Robby, in a Coral Gables, Florida, house surrounded by giant mutant spiders.

“Brilliant ... Barry not only changes the face of American history, he practically has to be restrained from taking up hammer and chisel to change the faces on Mount Rushmore as well.”—Associated Press

“If you like to have fun with American history, here’s your chance. Dave Barry Slept Here is a zany, delightful twisting of just about everything important in America’s past.”—St. Louis Post Dispatch

“A delight from the top of his introduction to the tip of his last outrageous footnote.”—Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Impressive ... Genuinely fresh insight ... Dave Barry Slept Here might be the rallying point for reformers determined to restore rigor and bite to the public school curriculum.”—Greensboro News and Record

“I wish I would have taken Dave Barry’s history class in high school instead of the one I did. Instead of getting in trouble for writing all over the desk, I would have been excused for an upset stomach from laughing so hard. And I would still be laughing now, years later.”—Grand Rapids Press

“All the history you’ll ever need to know.”—Tampa Tribune-Times

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