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Бумажные крылья
Книга просто супер!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
мари ри
Паук (СИ)
Книга очень понравилась,начиная практически сначало и до конца держит в одном сплошном напряжении.Сюжет не избитый,ещё не читала похожего нигде.Очень эмоциональная книга...Такую книгу стоит прочитать,и
«Шторм» понравился больше
Руби и Зверь (ЛП)
После прочтения остается приятное послевкусие...
Forbidden feelings (СИ)
"Брет сивой кобылы!!"
Оливия (СИ)
Это третья книга которую я прочла у автора, и вот что мне нравится больше всего, сюжет везде разный и не повторяется) Герои в книгах абсолютно не похожи) Истории самые разные и увлекательные) В общем я просто
Сыграем любовь
В принципе сюжет обычен и ни чем не удивляет) Но все равно книга запоминающаяся) Скажу просто: Автор просто умничка! И как обычно на высоте 
Bangkok Tattoo
Bangkok Tattoo
Автор: Бердетт Джон Жанр: Другие детективы Серия: Sonchai Jitpleecheep #2 Язык: английский Добавил: Admin 9 Май 12 Проверил: Admin 9 Май 12 Формат:  FB2 (294 Kb)  RTF (331 Kb)  TXT (281 Kb)  HTML (292 Kb)  EPUB (509 Kb)  MOBI (739 Kb)

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Killing customers just isn't good for business."
My mother Nong's tone reflects the disappointment we all feel when a star employee starts to go wrong. Is there nothing to be done? Will we have to let dear Chanya go? The question can only be decided by Police Colonel Vikorn, who owns most of the shares in the Old Man's Club and who is on his way in his Bentley.
"No," I agree. Like my mother's, my eyes cannot stop flicking across the empty bar to the stool where Chanya's flimsy silver dress (just enough silk to cover nipples and butt) drapes and drips. Well, the dripping was slight and is more or less finished (a rusty stain on the floor turning black as it dries), but in more than a decade as a detective in the Royal Thai Police, I have never seen a garment so blood-soaked. Chanya's bra, also hideously splattered, lies halfway up the stairs, and her panties-her only other garment-lie abandoned on the floor outside the upstairs room where, eccentrically even for a Thai whore, she has taken refuge with an opium pipe.
"She didn't say anything at all? Like why?"
"No, I told you. She dashed in through the door in a bit of a state holding an opium pipe, glared at me, said, ‘I've done him in,' ripped off her dress, and disappeared upstairs. Fortunately, there were only a couple of farang in the bar at the time, and the girls were fantastic. They merely said, ‘Oh, Chanya, she goes like that sometimes,' and gently ushered them out. I had to play the whole thing down, of course, and by the time I got to her room, she was already stoned."
"What did she say again?"
"She was tripping on the opium, totally delirious. When she started talking to the Buddha, I left to call you and the Colonel. At that stage I didn't know if she'd really done him in or was freaking out on yaa baa or something."
But she'd snuffed him all right. I walked to the farang's hotel, which is just a couple of streets away from Soi Cowboy, and flashed my police ID to get the key to his room. There he was, a big muscular naked American farang in his early thirties, minus a penis and a lot of blood from a huge knife wound that began in his lower gut and finished just short of his rib cage. Chanya, a basically decent and very tidy Thai, had placed his penis on the bedside table. At the other end of the table, a single rose stood in a plastic mug of water.
There was nothing for it but to secure the room for the purposes of forensic investigation, leave a hefty bribe for the hotel receptionist-who is now more or less obliged to say whatever I tell him to say (standard procedure under my Colonel Vikorn in District 8)-and await further orders. Vikorn, of course, was in one of his clubs carousing, probably surrounded by naked young women who adored him, or knew how to look as if they did, and in no mood to be dragged to the scene of a crime until I penetrated his drunken skull enough to explain that the business at hand was not an investigation per se but the infinitely more challenging forensic task so lightly spoken of as a "cover-up." Even then he showed no inclination to shift himself until he realized it was Chanya (the perp, not the victim).
"Where the hell did she get the opium?" my mother wants to know. "There hasn't been opium in Krung Thep since I was a teenager."

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