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Неслучайный роман [СИ]
Эта книга автора меня не зацепила,не хватило эмоций. 
Попаданка и король (СИ)
нет какойто изюминки, чего нехватает, но прочитать можно
Проклятие на троих (СИ)
 Слегка необычна, но читается хорошо, на 1 раз.
Проклятие на троих (СИ)
 Слегка необычна, но читается хорошо, на 1 раз.
Любовница ледяного дракона
Мне понравилось, было интересно.
Сыграем (ЛП)
 Из всей серии мне эта больше понравилась.
The Legend of Broken
The Legend of Broken
Автор: Карр Калеб Жанр: Фэнтези Язык: английский Год: 2012 Издатель: Random House, Inc. ISBN: 1-4000-6283-6 Город: New York Добавил: Admin 20 Янв 13 Проверил: Admin 20 Янв 13 Формат:  FB2 (840 Kb)  RTF (862 Kb)  TXT (812 Kb)  HTML (833 Kb)  EPUB (1082 Kb)  MOBI (3744 Kb)

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Legend meets history in this mesmerizing novel from #1 *New York Times* bestselling author Caleb Carr. Demonstrating the rich storytelling, skillful plotting, and depth of research he showcased in *The Alienist,* Carr has written a wildly imaginative, genre-bending saga that redefines the boundaries of literature.
Some years ago, a remarkable manuscript long rumored to exist was discovered: The Legend of Broken. It tells of a prosperous fortress city where order reigns at the point of a sword — even as scheming factions secretly vie for control of the surrounding kingdom. Meanwhile, outside the city’s granite walls, an industrious tribe of exiles known as the Bane forages for sustenance in the wilds of Davon Wood.
At every turn, the lives of Broken’s defenders and its would-be destroyers intertwine: Sixt Arnem, the widely respected and honorable head of the kingdom’s powerful army, grapples with his conscience and newfound responsibilities amid rumors of impending war. Lord Baster-kin, master of the Merchants’ Council, struggles to maintain the magnificence of his kingdom even as he pursues vainglorious dreams of power. And Keera, a gifted female tracker of the Bane tribe, embarks on a perilous journey to save her people, enlisting the aid of the notorious and brilliant philosopher Caliphestros. Together, they hope to exact a ruinous revenge on Broken, ushering in a day of reckoning when the mighty walls will be breached forever in a triumph of science over superstition.
Breathtakingly profound and compulsively readable, Caleb Carr’s long-awaited new book is an action-packed, multicharacter epic of a medieval clash of cultures — in which new gods collide with old, science defies all expectation, and virtue comes in many guises. Brimming with adventure and narrative invention, *The Legend of Broken *is an exhilarating and enthralling masterwork.

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