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Detectives Neal and Merry are led on a trail of shocking family secrets and crimes. Can this duo track down the murderer before anyone else dies? Stopping this tragic cycle of violence will put D.S. Merry’s life at risk in a thrilling and heart-stopping finale.

If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer.

DEAD SECRET is the first in a new series of detective thrillers featuring D.S. Ava Merry and D.I. Jim Neal. Ava Merry is a young policewoman, recently promoted to detective sergeant. She is a fitness fanatic with a taste for dangerous relationships. Jim Neal is a single dad who juggles his devotion to his job with caring for his son.

Set in the fictional Northern city of Stromford, this detective mystery will have you gripped from start to shocking conclusion.

HABIT a #1 best-selling thriller that you won’t be able to put down,

A young woman, Rebecca Heilshorn, lies stabbed to death in her bed in a remote farmhouse. Rookie detective Brendan Healy is called in to investigate. All hell breaks loose when her brother bursts onto the scene. Rebecca turns out to have many secrets and connections to a sordid network mixing power, wealth, and sex.

Detective Brendan Healy, trying to put a tragic past behind him, pursues a dangerous investigation that will risk both his life and his sanity. Habit is a compelling thriller which will appeal to all fans of crime fiction. T.J. Brearton amps up the tension at every step, until the shocking and gripping conclusion.





STANDPOINT by Derek Thompson

The woman he's always loved is in danger

Thomas Bladen works in surveillance for a shadowy unit of the British government. During a routine operation, he sees a shooting which exposes a world of corruption and danger. When his on-again, off-again girlfriend Miranda is drawn into the conspiracy, Thomas must decide who he can trust to help him save her life














EYESHOT: A suspenseful thriller that you won’t be able to put down…

James and Elle Eversman are a young couple travelling through the Mojave desert on their way to a new life. When their car mysteriously breaks down they are stranded in the middle of nowhere without much water and no cell-phone reception.

A mile away a deadly sniper has them in his cross-hairs. They are pinned down behind their broken-down car, surrounded by open ground in all directions. There’s nowhere to run and no one to help them. How can they possibly survive? And if they do, can they save their marriage too?






THE INFINITY TATTOO: a suspense thriller with romance and mystery

A suspense thriller you won’t want to put down

Meg Goodwin’s best friend Alex disappeared when they were reporting the unrest in Honduras. But Meg thinks her dangerous life as a journalist is behind her when she settles back in Arizona. Then a mysterious bleeding man turns up in her barn, and her life will never be the same again.

In this absorbing thriller, Meg must face not only drug cartels and corrupt politicians, but also an international cover-up. And if she survives, and solves the mystery of her lost friend, can she also find love?

A compelling murder mystery which you won’t be able to put down…

On a freezing winter night, the body of a teenager is found in the snow.

Mike and Callie Simpkins moved north to restart their lives and get their finances back on track. Their son Braxton immerses himself in an online game-world of crime and gangs. When he decides to meet some of the players in the real world, tragedy strikes. Detective John Swift must untangle a web of virtual and real crimes in order to solve this complex mystery. And as the family copes with unimaginable grief, even Braxton’s stepfather Mike comes under suspicion.


In the thick fog of an early morning, a small white van could just be seen, weaving through the pouring rain along a distant country road.

“You’ve let me down, Vida. We were doing just fine, but that wasn’t good enough for you. Was it?”

The man driving slammed his fist down on the dashboard. There were hot tears running down his face. He brushed a rough hand over his cheek. He could hardly see a thing—what with the tears, the rain pelting down hard and the fog, he was really up against it.

Why did the weather have to be so foul when he had so much to do?

“You knew I loved you. I never gave you any reason to doubt it.

We didn’t need anyone else; we agreed. So why did you do it? You could have had anything—anything at all, but that!” He was screaming now, his eyes darting to the reflection in the rear-view mirror. There was no reply from the shape lying in the back.

“We talked. You said you felt the same as I did. But you didn’t, did you? You still went and got yourself pregnant. Lying bitch! All along you had no intention of keeping our little bargain. I can’t do it, Vida!” Screaming, shaking his head, as the anger built again.

“You can’t blame anyone else for what’s happened—it’s all your own stupid fault!”

The fog was so thick that the white van was now crawling along the narrow ribbon of a road, one of the country lanes above Hopecross. He’d have been better off on the bypass.

“You can’t control yourself, that’s your trouble. That’s been the trouble with all of you stupid slags. Ten weeks, Vida, that’s all we had, before you ruined everything,” he sobbed. “After all I said. I poured my heart out, you selfish bitch. Stupid selfish bitch! You deserve what you’ve got coming—and more besides—for putting me through this!”



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