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“Can I?” I asked, into her ear. “Put my dick in you?”

The pretty 10-year-old laughed, then gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

“Of course,” she said, with a child-like giggle. “Justin, it's a sex club and I'm here to let you fuck me.”

“What about the other guys?” I suddenly wanted to know.

“They can all fuck me,” she said straightforwardly. “Or Margie or Becky. It's like a sex race.”

And she canted her hips upward so the head of my cock was perfectly lined up with the pulsing opening of her slick pussy. She put both hands on my bare ass and pulled me forward and I felt the slippery warmth of her, inside, as the entire tip of my dick slid into her.

“That's it,” she moaned, as I pressed my throbbing cock deeper into her cunt, a slow inch at a time. And then she hotly whispered a huge secret into my ear. “I'm not a virgin, Justin, but I don't want anyone, not even your sister, to know.”

Which explained why my nearly-vibrating dick was sliding into her so smoothly, the tight wetness of her underage cunt squeezing me gently (but not stopping me) until I was buried all the way inside of her.

“So you already have a boyfriend?” I asked.

God, she was just so damn sexy and appealing and cute and I was suddenly just a little jealous. Which was insane, considering what we were doing. And that many of the boys here would be fucking her like crazy before our first sex party was done.

“Is that who you did it with?”

“No, my big brother did me,” she told me, still whispering. “He still does, just like you and Margie, except he's ten years older than me. But please don't tell. And right now, just fuck me.”

Boy, she was blunt-no wonder she was my little sister's best friend.

I kissed her mouth again, savoring the youthful sweetness of it, then started slowly pumping my hips between her bare damp thighs.

Patty knew how to fuck, all right, no hesitation on her part as she met each of my forceful thrusts with an upward thrust of her own. Her heels were digging into the bed, her young thighs gripping me, the two of us soon fucking like a well-oiled machine.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she panted, her tight pussy so wet it was sploshing warm liquid out of her with every thrust of my dick. The entire room could hear it, I knew. “Fuck me, Justin, fuck me!” she moaned. “Make me come with your cock! I want it in me, deeper! Deeper! Fuck me like the filthy slut I am!”

Oh, yeah.

It turned out that when little Patty got going, she got going!

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she kept groaning, endlessly. “Ohhhh, yes! Oh, God, my cunt's so alive! I'm melting! Uhhh! Uhhh! Fuck me, Justin, fuck me harder! We have to out-fuck your little sister!”

So it was a race.

And right beside us, no slouch in the sex department herself, my little sister was moaning and squirming with her own rampant fucking. Her cries of pleasure were so acute while the first boy's cock plowed into her, I could tell the other boys couldn't wait to get a turn on her.

Listening to her urgent sex noises was even getting me more excited, and I was in the middle of fucking her best friend, a gorgeous little girl that made all kinds of great sex noises herself!

“I'm coming!” Margie suddenly gasped. “Ohhh, God, it's so good! Fuck, yes! Fuck me flat, fuck me to death, just fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Uhhhhh!”

She was pumping from underneath like mad, her unbridled excitement and the lewd pleasure exploding within her cunt so contagious it caused the 6th-grade boy riding her to suddenly come.

Or maybe it was just her slippery cunt-hole itself, tightening up with that wet little jerky-grabby thing it always did when she climaxed.

In any case, the boy's own shuddering groans as his cum burst free from his stiff pumping cock, filling her tight underage pussy, was a clear signal to the next eager boy in line: get ready!

And that's how it went for the next two hours.

Margie got fucked ragged by one boy after another.

My 12-year-old schoolmates climbed between her eager young thighs or did her doggy-style again and again, while the overly-enthusiastic little 4th-grader showed no sign of losing interest after countless orgasms.

“Keep fucking me,” she repeatedly groaned. “I need all the sex you've got! Uhhh! Fuck me, harder, harder!”

Soon enough, they learned she loved sucking cocks, too.

So as one boy took his turn fucking her, another would put his stiff cock in her eager mouth, every now and then one of them ejaculating down her throat or all over her sweet young face.

“That was fun,” she panted, the occasional mouthful of cum running down her chin. “I love this sex club thing!”

She was soon sweaty and squirming and smeared with a variety of semen, even her blonde hair soaked with it. My little 4th-grade sister was clearly a slut and a half, no matter what I insisted on calling it.

And so was Patty, the two of them competing side-by-side to see who could take on the most boys.

Sexual adventurers, indeed. Sluts. And huge ones.

“Who's next?” both Margie or Patty took turns calling out hoarsely, neither of them willing to wait even a long moment without a boy between her thighs. “We need more fucking!”

My sweet young 10-year-old sister gave me a dirty smile when I finally climbed on top of her as soon as the last boy slid away. She was still panting, and lying in a wet spot a mile wide.

“Justin!” she laughed. “I thought you'd forgotten me.”

But she was already clamping her slick thighs around me as my again-stiff cock slid easily into her cunt.

I could feel all the cum inside of her as it squished out. Her entire body was also hotly damp with sweat from her countless orgasms, her hair, her face and even her breath smelling like semen.

“Did you fuck Patty enough?” she wanted to know. “Everybody's doing her.”

“So I can see,” I said. “And I fucked her plenty.”

Margie turned her sweet face to the side, just about kissing Patty's cum-streaked cheek because they were lying so closely together.

No surprise, another boy was on top of the dark-haired girl, cradled between her sweaty thighs and pushing his cock into her with a rapid tempo that got even faster with every stroke.

He looked to me and it was 'Billy Goat' Budd, a nickname but an apt one: as only a 6th-grader, he'd head-butted a much larger and older high school boy in a vicious fight, winning instantly.

Ever since then, the entire elementary school was afraid of him, but he was a good friend of mine, a nice kid if you didn't piss him off. Ever.

Which I never would.

I smiled widely to him, me fucking my own sister while he fucked her best friend, and he smiled back. He'd owe me for this, I knew, and that's exactly what I wanted: the toughest kid in our school as my buddy.

Little squirmy Patty was moaning loudly and urging him on with a string of filthy words that had to do with her cunt, her asshole, his cock, everybody else's cock, loads of cum and, oddly, even piss.

That girl could give a statue a hard on.

Margie asked, “Patty, are you getting enough sex?”

After that first fuck of mine with Patty, and again for a second go at her after four or five other boys fucked her, I'd watched her and my kid sister take so much fucking I thought it'd kill them.

But it didn't.

In fact, no matter how much they got, they each wanted more. They were like the girls on the Internet, the gangbang girls, but much younger.

“Patty!” my sister asked again. “Are you fucking enough?”

“God, yes,” Patty finally answered her. “This is so great! I've never had so many orgasms! We have to do this again! I'm loving it!”

And Patty was loving it, the skinny dark-haired girl like a sex machine, her wet cunt taking one stiff cock after another until she was so filled with spurting cum it was literally pouring out of her pussy onto my bed.



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