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"Shhhh, Thor," Nancy said, turning to face the dog. She strutted over to him.

"Here. Take a lick." She spread her legs and jammed her cunt against his snout.

"Go on."

Thor's long tongue slithered from his mouth, swiped up between Nancy's thighs and wriggled through the puffy folds of her virgin cunt. Warm frothy pussy juice flowed from her cunt hole, coating his tongue. He licked again, her whimpering sighs making the head of his pointed prick peek farther from the hairy sheath.

"Oh, shit," she moaned, stepping back. "God." She looked at the powerful Dane from hazy blue eyes. "If you were a guy, you'd be all over me." A hot smile played on her mouth. "You'd have a nice big hard-on too."

Agitated and hot, his balls feeling as if they were on fire, Thor came off his rump, took three giant steps and leaped up, his huge paws resting on Nancy's shoulders. His tongue slapped wetly over her surprised face. Whimpering, he danced on his hind legs, humping his rump, his cock sticking out farther from its thick skinned sheath.

Nancy staggered under the dog's weight for a moment. She steadied herself. Once over the shock, she began to enjoy it.

"Ummmm, you're just like a boy."

Thor jerked his rump. His cock, fully extended, brushed against the smooth flesh of her body. Whimpering, he licked his tongue into her open mouth, cramming her throat.

She wrapped her arms around the giant beast, who on his hind legs was as tall as she, and pretended to dance with him. She chewed his tongue, laughed as he jerked it from her greedy mouth.

"I'll bite it, like I do to the boys who try to french me," she said. She held his big head firm between her hand. "Now I'll lick you."

With Thor jerking his rump and dancing on his hind legs, Nancy slapped her tongue over his mouth, worked her spit over his dropping tongue and sharp fangs. It excited her. She felt the heated stickiness of his cock brushing against her skin.

"What is that?" she asked innocently. She took his paws and held them. Stepping back, she dropped her gaze to the long red menacing cock jutting out hard from its sheath.

"Oh, my Christ!" she gasped, dropping his paws. "Holy Christ!"

Thor growled, impatient with the teenager. He jammed his head between her legs, banging his snout against her clit. His tongue wormed out, slipped between her cunt lips, hit the thin protective skin of her cherry. Growling again, he yanked his head out, whipping his tongue over her belly and thighs.

Nancy stood frozen in shock. The sight of his long cock overwhelmed her. Dizzy, she allowed the dog to lick her. The image of his cock was burned into her brain forever.

She wanted to see his prick again, needed to. She fought her way out of her dazed sexual stupor. "Sit, boy! Sit!"

Thor barked, ignored her for a moment, but finally obeyed.

He sat, squirming his rump, his tongue licking his rubbery chops.

His prick throbbed and his balls ached. He didn't understand why the child didn't help him like his mistress always did. He cocked his head and barked.

Nancy didn't understand. She dropped to the floor, her small tits heaving as she gasped. She blinked, gazed in awe at his long glistening red cock.

She stroked his smooth back, her body trembling. Warm fuck juice bubbled inside her virgin cunt hole. "Ohhh, Thor. You're just like a guy. You got a hard-on!"

She was amazed.

Thor nudged her with his head, knocking her back. He yelped as she fell on the floor with her legs spread. He sniffed, the scent of her pussy making his cock ache more.

Nancy twisted around, unable to tear her eyes away from his magnificent prick.

"Jesus, Thor. It's so big." His cock was reddish-purple, thick, glistening with natural fuck oil, the tip pointy, seeping a white sticky cock juice. Nancy creamed. The sight of his cock sent tiny sensuous orgasms through her pussy.

Giggling, intoxicated with passion, Nancy rolled over on her belly.; 'Here, Thor. Lick my ass. I'll pretend I'm a dog." She wriggled up onto her hands and knees, presenting the animal with her ass. "Lick me, Thor. I'm a hot fuckin' dog." She wriggled her hips, enticing the giant Dane to feast on her firm ass cheeks and virgin ass crack.

Thor sniffed, the smell of her pussy and ass making him whimper. His balls were swollen, sore, filled with a heavy load of doggie-jizz. He nipped the cheeks of her ass in protest, trying to get the innocent teenager's attention.

"Oh! Oh! Oooooo!" she squealed, enjoying herself to the limit. "Oooo, Thor.

Bite! Bite!"

Thor nipped at her wriggling hips and ass. He turned her creamy flesh to a wet pink. He felt as if his cock were going to burst, and he whined, nudging the panting teenager with his head.

"Lick my hole!" she squealed. Pigtails hanging down, her small tits feeling heavy as they swelled with lust, the blonde jammed her ass back into Thor's muzzle. "Lick my asshole!"

Thor growled, baring his teeth. He whipped out his tongue, slithered it up through her pussy, between her ass cheeks, and over the tight wrinkled hole of her ass. He brought his tongue back to her wrinkled asshole.

"Yessss," Nancy gasped, overjoyed by what the dog was doing with his tongue.

"Lick it. Inside! Inside!" It hit her like a bolt of lightning. He could go all the way. There was no cherry.

Nancy's arms crumbled. With her face flush to the carpet, she reached back, clawed at her ass, felt his slapping tongue.

She was delirious.

Thor nibbled on her fingers and her ass cheeks. He used his tongue, slapping it over her ass, up through her ass crack. Cunt juice clung to his tongue. He greased her asshole, soaking her asshole with a mixture of spit and pussy juice.

"Oooooo, Thor!" she gasped, parting the cheeks of her ass, exposing the tiny ass crack. "Inside. Tongue my ass." She jammed back, smashing her ass into his hard snout "Ahhhh!"

Thor growled and used his tongue, whipping it over the vulnerable ring of her asshole. His tongue slapped over her fingers, plunged into her asshole. Her asshole was tight, yet nothing blocked the way. This he understood. He reamed her, his tongue like an overactive snake.

"Unnnnn," Nancy moaned drunkenly. "Ooooo, you're in me!" She shoved back wiggled her ass, reveled in his exploring tongue.

With her face flush against the carpet, petting him gently calming him for what she planned to do. "Easy, boy. Easy. I'll take care of you."

Thor, sensing something, sat down. He licked her face as she petted him.

Something told him relief was coming his way.

What she was planning boggled her mind. Trembling, she petted his flank, rubbed under his chest, getting closer and closer to his long red cock. She gulped back a lump in her throat.

"Easy, Thor," she soothed. "Now lay on your side." She helped the giant beast down and rolled him onto his side, swooning as she leered at his cock.

Thor lifted his head, squirmed, his hind legs wide apart, his cock jutting out like a piece of red-hot steel. Whimpering like a puppy, he jerked his rump, his cock swinging, his balls "Easy, boy," she whispered huskily. "I'll take care of you.

I'll do it just like the boys in school do it to take care of their cocks." She giggled nervously.Thor rested his hugh head on her lap. His tongue was on her thigh, spit dribbling off. His black eyes stared up expectantly into the teenagers face.

Head reeling, Nancy skimmed her hand down the beast's hairy body. She touched the tip of his cock. "Ooooo," she gasped. "It's like touching a hot poker."

Thor yelped, jerked, smacked the pointed tip of his cock against her trembling fingers. His tail thumped on the carpet, and he squirmed, lifting one powerful hind leg.

Overcoming what fear she had, Nancy plunged forward in her desire to experience everything and anything she could with this handsome Great Dane. She wrapped her fingers around Thor's thick meaty cock. His prick throbbed in her hand, making her pussy ignite into flames.



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