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Yvonne wished he had still more cock to fuck up her ass. The handyman's giant prick reaming her pussy felt nice. But it was nothing to the joy of her brother Eric incestuously fucking her ass with that fabulous eleven-inch cock!

She pulled the trowel slowly out of Diana's cunt. She watched in fascination as the captive's belly flattened, went hollow. The prisoner was trying to keep the implement buried in her pussy!

The charcoal was bathing Diana's butt in heat. There were few coals beneath her back, so it was cooler there. In some strange way the heat seemed to add to the captive's passion.

Diana's nipples were gorged with blood. Her pussy pulsed around the unyielding blade of the trowel. Despite the horror of her situation she was turned-on so totally nothing existed for her but ecstasy.

Yvonne felt Frank getting ready to come. His hands practically clawed at her boobs. She smiled at him as her brother rammed his prick deep in her ass. Frank grinned lewdly back at her and blew his wad thunderously into her pussy.

With a sudden cry of joy she jammed the trowel far into her prisoner's pussy. Diana gasped as it cut into her pussy walls. Then pain lanced through her pussy tunnel as climax pulled her cunt tight around the steel blade of the tool.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she screamed. "Ngaaaaaaaaah I'm coming, I'm coming – I'm commmmmmminngggg!" Her knees tried to come together as her pussy spasmed in the furious tempo of climax.

Jism pulsed into Yvonne's pussy till it overflowed her cunt lips. "Yes, yes – yes!" she called. "Pump me full of come! Oh, Eric, darling, sweetheart – let me feel you come in my ass!"

Eric knew he was about to give her her wish. Her asshole was paradise on his prick. He alternated between gazing down at his sister's lovely buttcheeks as he drove his cock between them and watching Diana squirm with the ecstasy of coming on the grill. She'd soon be squirming from completely different feelings!

Diana thrashed her head from side to side. Her hair was bound up to keep it from catching fire, but several strands had gotten loose and whipped her in the face. Great wrenching waves of climax seemed to pound through her body as she came and came again around the trowel in her pussy.

The cock pistoning in and out of her asshole had Yvonne half-mad with lust. She was about to come. She pumped the trowel relentlessly in and out of her captive's cunt. Pussy sauces leaked from Diana's climaxing cunt over Yvonne's hands, dripping down and hissing among the coals.

The fury of delight that possessed Diana as she came slowly died away. As she came back to earth, she became aware that the heat from the coals was uncomfortable. The steel grill was too warm on her bare flesh.

"L-look!" Yvonne cried, breathless as her brother pulled his cock out of her asshole. "She's beginning to feel it! It's getting hot." She smiled back over her shoulder at her brother. Eric plunged his cock full length into her asshole and she shrieked with delight.

"Let me go," moaned Diana. "Don't do this to me! My ass – my ass is getting hot! I'm roasting – help!"

Her words sent Yvonne over the edge. "Ahhnnnn!" she cried. Her ass clenched like a fist around her brother's cock. Eric yelped in surprise, and then, his cock filled her ass with one mighty burst of come.

Yvonne howled with wordless joy as her brother's jism seared her ass. Diana's voice rose to join hers. The captive was crying out not from pain, but from fear of pain, "Let me go!" she pleaded. "Let me gooooooo!"

The black-haired woman drove her ass into her brother's crotch and laughed wildly, as his deeply-embedded cock spat come into her asshole. "Burn!" she screamed to her bound victim. "Burn, damn you!" In her orgiastic frenzy she yanked the dripping trowel out of Diana's cunt and flung it far away from her. The ropes binding Mike's wrists gave way. In an instant he was on his feet. With a hoarse cry, Frank pulled his spent cock out, of Yvonne's come drenched cunt and stood up with jism and cunt honey leaking down his legs.

"Come on," he grinned, flexing his big hands. "C'mon here, little buddy!"

Mike bent down and scooped up the trowel. Frank lunged for him, arms spread wide. Mike drove the implement to the hilt in the handyman's stomach.

Frank gave a surprised cough, clutched his stomach, and sat down. Eric was frantically clutching his sister's ass, unable to stop pumping come up her asshole. Yvonne was crying out, still locked in the throes of ultimate ecstasy as her pussy and ass convulsed with orgasm.

Eric's cock fired blast after blast of jism into Yvonne's rectum. He looked up to see Mike looming above him with arms upraised. "No!" he screamed shrilly, throwing up an arm to protect himself. "No – don't!"

In Mike Burden's hands was a huge, heavy rock. He brought it down hard. "Nooooooooo!" shrieked Yvonne.

"You want our special service?" Mike Burden asked with a grin. "You'll have to wait a little while, I'm sorry. Why don't you go to your room and we'll call you."

The portly businessman looked to his blonde, teenaged companion. She looked up at him and smiled, nodding eagerly. Her nipples were erect, easily visible through the clinging thin fabric of her blouse.

As the oddly-matched pair went out the door of the motel office, Mike heard his wife's voice from the back room, "Come on in, baby."

"What're you doing?" he asked.

"Watching TV."

He nodded and went into the bedroom. Diana sat on the end of the bed, dressed in a transparent blue nightgown. Her knees were pulled up under her. Her long slim legs were brown from a week of tanning. A wisp of chestnut cunt-fur showed between the demi-globes of her ass. One heel was pressed casually against her pussy.

Mike looked at the screen. "Hey, wow," he said. "That's a new one."

The little man knelt on the bed of the bridal suite, gazing down with fascination at the black-furred cunt splayed open before his very eyes. Below the gash of the cunt, his cock went between the halves of the naked woman's ass and disappeared in her asshole. He stroked the silken thighs and stirred his cock in her asshole. The feel of her ass on his unlubricated cock was strange and exciting.

The woman moaned with the pain in her violated ass. The sound was muffled by the pussy of the small man's wife, which was pressed over her upturned face. The plump but attractive, redheaded wife clutched her heavy boobs and squealed with delight.

"That feels so nice!" She looked down at the captive's large jugs. The nipples were dark as fine red wine. The redhead reached down to the bed beside her and picked up a riding crop. "Do it again!"

The prisoner's arms were tied behind her back, arching her nude body so that her tits jutted prominently. The naked redhead brought her quirt whistling down to land right across the cherry-sized nipples. This time the bound woman screamed full-throatedly into the red-furred pussy. The redhead sighed, and her cunt filled the other woman's mouth with hot pussy oils.

"She's got such lovely black hair, Herbert," the redhead told her husband, running her fingers through the lustrous hair streaming out from the captive's head. The other woman looked up at her with frightened, pain-filled eyes, her face framed by the cheeks of the redhead's ass. "And eyes – I've never seen eyes like this. So deep blue, and so funny shaped. Almost slanted."

Herbert grunted and began to pull his cock out of the captive's rump. The long, lean body began to writhe on the bed as his cock seemed to tear the lining of the prisoner's ass passage. He bit his lips. It was as if his cock were ultra-sensitive tonight, and every movement of the woman's butt delighted his prick beyond comparison.

"I wonder what a beautiful girl like this is doing in a place like this?" the redhead asked. Herbert shrugged and thrust his cock back up the tied-up beauty's ass. At the same time his wife raked blows on the big, bare jugs.



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