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She came, feeling her pussy walls throb around William's cock. She couldn't tell which was pain and which was lust any more. It was all one and it made her come, endlessly, helplessly. She fucked up and down on William's cock, her pussy going out of control, sucking at his swelling flesh, tightening each time the whip lashed her.

William gasped, his eyes running over the whipped masses of Mirabelle's tits. His ass heaved up, ramming his cock into her pussy harder and faster as the cum boiled in his balls.

"Oh, yeah, yeah! I'm coming!" he gasped. "Whip her! Fuck, I'm coming!"

"Come on, William, come on!" Eileen screamed, beating her aunt's ass with an incredible fury. "Fuck! Come on! Shoot up her cunt, William! Shoot up her cunt!"

Eileen gasped, sliding her fingers down to her trembling cunt, rubbing it. Her little white slip flicked around her thighs as she moved. She lashed Mirabelle's ass, her long legs shaking excitement.

"Come on, Auntie! This is a real man up your cunt, make the most of it!"

Mirabelle shrieked and came. Her head was flung back, her arms pulling at the chain. The chain to her collar rattled, and her tits thrust out as the whip-tails curled around them. She felt William's cock swell in her pussy, the hard shaft jerking as the cum churned in his balls.

William gripped her waist tightly, ramming her pussy onto his cock with all the force as hot streams of jizz rushed up his thick fuck-shaft. He roared with lust, his cock jerking as the cum burst up it and gushed into her spasming cunt.

Mirabelle screamed as the first jet of cum burst into her pussy. She jerked as the hot liquid rushed over her cunt walls. She was coming in terrible spasms of lust, the climaxes bursting in the depths of her cunt. She hardly knew that her pussy was spasming around his hard, shooting cock, ramming down on it, taking every gush of cum, every inch of meat it could get.

She felt the whip on her tits, but didn't realize that she was making a target of them for Dustin. She screamed in the most depraved lust when the tail lashed into her flesh. And she never knew that her ass rammed out everytime she slammed her cunt to the base of William's cock, never knew that her asscheeks waved and thrust, taking the full beat of the rod, as the agony shot through into her cunt.

"Uurrgghh!" she screamed. "I hate you! Hate you all! I hate youuuu!"

But she came again, her orgasm surging through her to the tips of her nipples as they took the agony of the whip. She swung on the chain, her head back, her eyes closed, her whole body shaking and quivering. Cum gushed into her cunt, then oozed out of her fuck-hole as she fucked on William's spurting rod. Jizz ran into the crack of her ass.

And still she came.

William bellowed with satisfaction as his cock spurted thick gobs of cum-cream into Mirabelle's cunt, his ass jerking, his eyes feasting on Mirabelle's tits.

"Fuck, yeah!" he yelled. "Watch her cunt go!"

Mirabelle's long legs gripped his waist as she came again, her body totally out of control. The whip lashed her tits. The rod whipped her ass, and she took the last gushes of fuck-juice into her cunt.

"Ohhh, God, God, God!" she screamed as she crashed over the top, her pussy sucking William's cock, her tits and ass taking the slashing blows of the whip and rod. She hung on the chains, exhausted. Her legs fell from around William's waist.

William signaled to Eileen and Dustin to stop. He held Mirabelle on his cock as the last gobs of cum oozed out of her cunt.

Mirabelle still felt William's prick in her cunt as she trembled with the most terrible satisfaction that she'd ever known. William rolled her around on his cock like a puppet as he took all he wanted from her cunt and his cock became limp.

Then he shoved her off his cock and threw her across the bed. She sprawled, no longer caring what she looked like, her whipped ass and tits showing to them all. Dimly, through the mists clouding her mind, she heard Manfred yelling as he fucked Nichole.


Manfred yelled as he shoved his rock-hard cock into the sopping wet pit of Nichole's fuckhole. "Jeez, this cunt's fantastic!"

He leaned down, grabbed Nichole's swinging tits and played with them, ramming his cock into her cunt harder and faster.

"Fuck, you bitch, I'm gonna come, you know that? I'm fucking gonna come!" His cock rasping over Nichole's hot cunt slammed deep.

What remained of Nichole's little teddy flapped against her body as she jerked against the back of the chair. She moaned and wailed, her pussy sucking at the massive prick buried there, her pussy tightening around it as she rushed up to climax. She pushed her tits into Manfred's hands, her ass trembling as she heaved back for every inch of his cock.

"Yes, yes, Manfred! Come on! Fuck me! I'm coming! Come on, ram it up me! I can't get enough, come on – aagghhh, yesss!" She lurched up, her dark hair tossing, her tits pressed into Manfred's hands as the spasms of orgasm rushed over her. "Do it, please, Manfred! Fuck meeeeee!"

Her cunt sucked at his stiff prick, her body rocking in her raging lust.

Manfred roared with excitement and gripped her tits harder, holding his prick deep in her demanding cunt. "Okay, you whore! I'll give you a ride! I ain't coming till you can't take my cock any more!"

Her tight cunt walls closed tighter around his cockshaft. He held the squirming, gasping, climaxing Nichole on his cock.

Mirabelle heard this depravity through a dim haze. There was no pain left in her ass and tits, just a low, seething mass of satisfaction. She moaned and lay there face-down, feeling utterly ashamed of herself.

But she didn't have much time for that. She felt hands on her ass and she moaned desperately, pressing her face into the bed covers.

"Yeah," she heard Dustin remark. "I reckon I will fuck her in the ass!"

"What?" Mirabelle moaned and rolled over slowly. She had no fight left, even though a throb of horror passed through her as she thought of what he'd said.

He leaned over her, his legs spread, his robe open, his cock out and being caressed by Eileen.

Eileen grinned at her aunt. "You gotta be fucked in the ass, Auntie. We all get fucked in the ass!"

She giggled and leaned down, running her tongue over the swollen head of Dustin's cock.

"What ya think, Auntie?" she crooned. "You think I can get it wet enough to get in, or do you think we oughta cream it?"

Eileen was still giggling with delight as Mirabelle shuddered, her stomach turning.

"You can't be that perverted!" she moaned. "Auntie, how could you?" Eileen teased, her blonde hair falling all over Dustin's cock as she played with it. "You gotta learn to take a cock up your ass and pussy at the same time. I mean, fuck, you wanna learn persuasion? So, Auntie, what's it gonna be?"

"No!" Mirabelle gasped, pulling her legs up. Her neck chain jangled as she moved and her wrist bonds reminded her of her helplessness. She could see and hear Manfred fucking Nichole. The little bitch was still screaming with lust as she came, her pussy throbbing and sucking at his thick shaft.

"No?" Eileen whispered. "You know what that word gets you, Auntie?"

"No, please!" Mirabelle moaned.

"Turn over and lie flat!" Dustin demanded, his young face beaming with lust.

Mirabelle looked at him, trembling with horror at the submission he demanded. He was only about eighteen and he was telling her what to do.

"Turn over and lay flat or I'll put you back on the chain," he said, rattling her collar links. "You wanna be whipped until I cum in your ass?"

Mirabelle moaned and knew she was beaten. She had no alternative but to surrender to him. Tears ran down her face, but there was also a spasm of excitement that pulsed in her pussy.



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