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Станция конечная. Землянкам вход свободный! (СИ)
Мне понравилась эта любовно-фантастическая история любви,читала с удовольствием.
Цена победы
 Спасибо!!! Книга супер!!!!А продолжение будет???
Отдай своё сердце мне (СИ)
Можно почитать,бурных восторгов не вызвала,но все же книга не плохая.
Переиграть вселенную или здравствуйте, я ЧЕЛОВЕК!
Получила положительные эмоции от прочтения книги.Автору спасибо.
Бетти Кошка Несмеяна
Смерть - не конец, а лишь новое начало... (СИ)
Необычное, откровенное и очень завораживающее, столько хороших эмоций, в некоторых моментах пережавала, надеялась на лучше, разставляла себя чуствовать эмоции героев, чего я уже давно не делала, и я
Марина Фарапонова
 Хорошо написано. Со второй главы читать интереснее. Начинала читать как любовный роман, но это скорее всего детектив. 
Remote Control
Remote Control
Автор: Макнаб Энди Жанр: Боевики Серия: nick stone #1 Язык: английский Год: 2006 Добавил: Admin 17 Июл 12 Проверил: Admin 17 Июл 12 Формат:  FB2 (284 Kb)  RTF (283 Kb)  TXT (276 Kb)  HTML (284 Kb)  EPUB (365 Kb)  MOBI (1366 Kb)

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A rogue Special Air Service agent on the lam in suburban America with the seven-year-old daughter of a murdered colleague. Sounds like the latest Bruce Willis vehicle, costarring that little girl from the Pepsi commercials. But McNab, a former SAS agent himself and author of two nonfiction books on the subject, manages to balance the clichеs and cuteness with large doses of tradecraft taken from his 17 years of undercover experience. When Nick Stone describes how to maintain a fictitious address or reveals the secrets of tracing a call made from a public telephone, the details ring true and help get us over some of the more ludicrous speed bumps in his story. Stone, tracking two Irish terrorists from London to Washington, is suddenly ordered back home on the next available flight. His old mate Kevin Brown, now with the Drug Enforcement Agency, lives nearby, so Nick decides to drop in. He finds a slaughterhouse: Kev, his wife, and youngest daughter have been murdered, but daughter Kelly has survived in a special hideout. Prying information from the shocked child, Stone links the killers to either the CIA, the DEA or his own organization, which means that he and Kelly are on the run from everybody. As Nick trundles the spunky youngster from one seedy motel to another, stuffs her with junk food and teaches her the rudiments of espionage, he puts together a picture of why Kevin and his family were killed, a connection between a terrorist bomb scare in Gibraltar in 1988, the Colombian drug cartel and high-level intelligence agency skullduggery. The vast network of sinister collaborations isn't startling, but McNab reliably delivers the believable, real-life details and keeps readers' attention with steady, careful prose until the predictable but satisfying end. (June) FYI: Remote Control was the number one bestseller in London's Sunday Times for seven weeks. Because of McNab's SAS involvement, and his wanted status by several terrorist groups, he makes no public appearances.

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