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Раздвигая границы
Замечательный роман. Читала взахлёб. История тяжёлая, очень эмоциональная. Написано строго по делу, без отвлечений, от первой до последней страницы роман держит внимание и не даёт
Чуть-чуть враги
Очень милый рассказ, жаль, что такой короткий...
Мой 4 (СИ)
У автора определённо талант. Жаль, что так коротко
Дорогой сводный брат
Мне Очень понравилось.Советую
Дорогой сводный брат
Мне Очень понравилось.Советую
Ясновидящая (СИ)
Книга понравилась, любителям книг про магию, советую почитать
Драко Малфлой и тайная комната (СИ)
Начало было интересным, концовка не понравилась. Есть продолжение
Naked In Death
Naked In Death
Автор: Робертс Нора Жанр: Остросюжетные любовные романы Серия: Eve Dallas and husband Roarke #1 Язык: английский Добавил: Admin 23 Апр 12 Проверил: Admin 23 Апр 12 Формат:  FB2 (214 Kb)  RTF (218 Kb)  TXT (183 Kb)  HTML (215 Kb)  EPUB (405 Kb)  MOBI (569 Kb)  JAR (248 Kb)  JAD (0 Kb)

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'a perfect balance of suspense, futuristic police procedural and steamy romance…truly fine entertainment…sure to leave you hungering for more…' Publisher's Weekly
It is 2058. New York cop Eve Dallas doesn't have to confront gun crime anymore, no one does. Guns are simply relics. She is assisted in detection by instant communications and probability predictions from the all-pervasive computer network. But this latest homicide is an old-fashioned crime in many ways. Sharon DeBlass is a high-class hooker from a wealthy, powerful family. Her brutal, possibly sexually motivated shooting sends shockwaves through her family, the upper echelons of political society and police headquarters. From the note under her body, it seems that a serial killer with a penchant for antique weaponry and a grudge against prostitutes is on the loose. The killer gets uncomfortably close to Eve Dallas as she pieces together his identity, flying in the face of authority and risking her career. Naked in Death introduces the reader to Dallas: a fascinating heroine, complex and vulnerable, a great detective with an aeroplane hold full of baggage. In the course of this murder investigation she meets Roarke, a charming self-made billionaire, and passions are stirred. This is the first in the incredibly successful suspense series featuring Dallas and Roarke and their developing relationship. With some 20 novels already in print and more to come, the In Death series should satisfy the most ravenous appetite for gritty murder mystery. Nora Roberts, world-renowned romance writer, uses the pen name J D Robb for these books. But those expecting a gentle read should put this book back on the shelf immediately. This tale has street language, sex and violence. And it is highly addictive stuff which will have you turning the pages far too fast. The denouement may not be a huge shock, but that is quite satisfying. Roberts plants clues, and the reader can indulge in a bit of self-congratulation for having solved the crime.

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