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Сенсей 0511
Замуж в другой мир (СИ)
Не плохая книга. Советую прочесть. Единственное напрягало метания г.г от одного мужчины к другому, а так хорошая книга
Это нечто!!! Я в полном восторге!!! Вообще не фанат такого жанра,но от этой книги оторваться не могла,в прямом смысле слова;) Очень круто! Точно долго не забуду этого произведения и может быть когда-нибудь
Lina Lina 17
Анжелика Монсорье (СИ)
книга потрясающая!  есть над чем посмеятся, читается легко. всем советую   Автор умничка продолжай писать в том же духе 
Ветер в твоих волосах (СИ)
Ндаааа! Надо сказать автор не разочаровал. Понравился намного больше чем "Лента". Сюжет хорош, любовные сцены на высоте, а в последнем абзаце заключительных глав содержится весь смысл не только этих двух
Резюме (СИ)
А мне понравилось,и язык хороший и смысл,автору класс.
Pretti Angel
По дружбе (СИ)
Классный роман,читается быстро,все кратно и внятно,но героя,уж слишком капризна,глупа и ревнива:))))
Смайли (ЛП)
Неплохо, но есть в этой серии истории намного интереснее(
Jessica Daniel: Think of the Children / Playing with Fire / Thicker Than Water
Jessica Daniel: Think of the Children / Playing with Fire / Thicker Than Water
Автор: Wilkinson Kerry Жанр: Полицейские детективы, Триллер Серия: Jessica Daniel #4 Язык: английский Год: 2013 Страниц: 192 Издатель: Pan Books ISBN: 978-1-4472-6763-8 Город: London Статус: Закончена Добавил: Admin 8 Окт 15 Проверил: Admin 8 Окт 15 Формат:  FB2 (807 Kb)  EPUB (980 Kb)

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Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is back! In books 4, 5 and 6 of the bestselling series by Kerry Wilkinson, Jessica finds that, not only are the crimes in Manchester getting more complicated, but her personal life is hotting up too...

Think of the Children: Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is first on the scene as a stolen car crashes on a misty, wet Manchester morning. The driver is dead, but the biggest shock is the discovery of the body of a child wrapped in plastic in the boot of the car. A thin trail leads Jessica to a list of children’s names abandoned in an allotment shed. With the winter chill setting in and parents looking for answers, Jessica must find out who has been watching local children, and how this connects to a case that has been unsolved for 14 years.

Playing with Fire: Seven years ago Martin Chadwick set fire to a Manchester pub, not knowing a teenager was sleeping inside. Chadwick’s release from prison is imminent, with journalists gearing up for a good old-fashioned media lynching. If that's not enough to keep her occupied, a private investigator is doing a fine job sticking his oar in, it looks like there's a schoolgirl suicide ring in operation, her car is working a little too well, and the endless rain continues to pound her northern home. Jessica's personal and professional life is in the balance—giving her barely enough time to focus on the person in her midst seemingly intent on burning everything to the ground.

Thicker than Water: A teenager’s body is discovered in an apparently random house in Manchester. The puzzle deepens when a journalist points out that someone placed an obituary for him just days before his disappearance. A string of clues point to a club whose owner has an unhealthy interest in Jessica, but then something happens which makes her question the very core of her beliefs. She is left to turn to the one person she knows she can rely on... but is that trust misplaced?

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