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Подкидыш для Цербера (СИ)
Мне книга понравилась,немного мистики и любовь.
Та ночь (ЛП)
Интересный, легко читаемый роман..
Я не прошу меня любить, или У тебя все равно нет выбора (СИ)
Можно читать как отдельную книгу,первые две понравились больше,эта тоже неплохая,только начало как то не очень.
Роман понравился, очень необычный) Гг-и все таки услышали и поняли друг друга! Автору успехов))) 
Замуж на три дня
Приятная фантастика, интересный сюжет.
За любовь
Прочла всю трилогию. Отлично! Браво, Автор!!!!
За любовь
Прочла всю трилогию. Отлично! Браво, Автор!!!!
Автор: Donahue S. Жанр: Современные любовные романы Язык: английский Год: 2015 Страниц: 25 Статус: Закончена Добавил: Admin 27 Окт 15 Проверил: Admin 27 Окт 15 Формат:  FB2 (150 Kb)  EPUB (203 Kb)

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It’s amazing how much a smell or a sound can bring back a memory.
For Hailey McCormick, the hurt from her painful memories never faded. Teased in high school because of her weight, she graduated and never looked back, but the scars remained. She changed her bad habits on the surface and strived to start her own successful publishing company. Everything in Hailey’s life is under control, that is until she receives an invitation to her high school reunion. She is not ready to face the cheerleading clique that tormented her every day or the captain of the Lacrosse team, Chase O’Brien, that she pined over for 4 years and the only person who never teased her.
Chase O’Brien isn’t your average stuck on himself jock. He actually has a conscience. Because of his kindness, women play him for a fool. He has had enough and takes a stand for himself when his current girlfriend of two years is caught in the act. Tired and over women, he has no desire to attend his high school reunion and risk running into his high school sweetheart as well. Forced to attend, he comes face to face with the mystery woman that he didn’t recognize at a bar a few weeks prior. He hasn’t been able to get her out of his head since then. What happens when they meet by chance? Who is this woman and why is she so familiar?
S. Donahue’s novel, Provoked, takes you into the mind of a victim of bullying. She makes you feel her pain and sorrow. There are so many questions that need answers. Have the bullies grown up and left behind their teasing ways or is Hailey subjecting herself to a repeat of high school? Can the one person who was her hero back in the day resurrect to save her soul? There’s only one way to find out! Join Hailey as she faces her past and first love for the first time in years!

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