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Валлийская колдунья
Очаровательно.Тут и тоска печаль, и любовь, и юмор. Кили абсолютна наивна, что аж бесит, но в то же время такая мягкая и хорошая. Жаль что у герцога и Меган не сложилась.
В постели с незнакомцем
К стати-это продолжение романа"что готовит нам судьба."Первая книжка ни чуть не хуже.
В постели с незнакомцем
Чудесная малышка1их тех,что застовляет читателя поверить настоящие чувства,а замечательные герои,их образы и поступки,ещё больше убедят нас,что лучше прожить хоть день с любимым человеком и потерять
Слишком заманчиво
Неплохой романчик. Героиня - серый кардинал в юбке. Так и не поняла, почему было бабуле сразу не объяснить причины разорванной помолвки, чтобы она козни не строила. Разочаровало окончание книги: как-то резко
Отказ – удачный повод выйти замуж!
 Простенькое,не обремененное драмой фэнтези, и демон как всегда на поверку оказался совсем не грозным,не так страшен черт, как его малюют.
Кудряшками по коже
Как и первые две книги серии, эта очень понравилась легкостью, юмором и романтикой. Судя по окончанию, четверная книга тоже должна быть. Или она уже есть но я ее не нашла. Очень бы хотелось
Алёна Северова
Сузвод (СИ)
Очень необычно, порой жизненно ну и романтично. Только один вопрос... Когда ждать вторую часть? Да и будет ли она? 
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos
Автор: ЛаФевер Робин Жанр: Детская фантастика, Детские приключения Серия: Theodosia Throckmorton #1 Язык: английский Год: 2007 Издатель: Houghton Mifflin ISBN: 9780618756384 Добавил: Admin 31 Июл 15 Проверил: Admin 31 Июл 15 Формат:  FB2 (421 Kb)  RTF (612 Kb)  TXT (399 Kb)  HTML (406 Kb)  EPUB (582 Kb)  MOBI (1534 Kb)

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From School Library Journal
Grade 4–8—A combination of Nancy Drew and Indiana Jones, Theo Throckmorton is in big trouble. The 11-year-old lives in London in 1906 and spends most of her time in an antiquities museum headed by her father and filled with objects from her mother’s archaeological expeditions to Egypt. Bossy, clever, and learned in the lore of ancient Egypt, the girl constantly worries that the work-obsessed parents who ignore and neglect her will be destroyed by virulent ancient curses that only she can detect. When her mother returns from her latest trip with an amulet inscribed with curses so powerful they could unleash the Serpents of Chaos and destroy the British Empire, Theo finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue and danger. It pits her, along with some unexpected allies, against German operatives trying to use the scarab as a weapon in their political and economic rivalry with England. Theo must draw on all her resources when she confronts her enemies alone, deep in an Egyptian tomb. There, she makes some surprising discoveries, both personal and archaeological. Vivid descriptions of fog-shrouded London and hot, dusty Cairo enhance the palpable gothic atmosphere, while page-turning action and a plucky, determined heroine add to the book’s appeal. Unfortunately, Theo’s narrative voice lurches between the diction of an Edwardian child and that of a modern teen. The ambiguous ending, with its hints at the approaching World War, seems to promise a sequel. A fine bet for a booktalk to classes studying ancient Egypt.
— Margaret A. Chang, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
From Booklist
Starred Review
“You’d be surprised by how many things come into the museum loaded with curses — bad ones,” says 11-year-old Theodosia, whose parents run London’s Museum of Legends and Antiquities. The twentieth century has just begun, and Theodosia’s mum, an archaeologist, has recently returned from Egypt with crates of artifacts. Only Theodosia can feel the objects’ dark magic, which, after consulting ancient texts, she has learned to remove. Then a sacred amulet disappears, and during her search, Theodosia stumbles into a terrifying battle between international secret societies. Readers won’t look to this thrilling adventure for subtle characterizations (most fit squarely into good and evil camps) or neat end-knots in the sprawling plot’s many threads. It’s the delicious, precise, and atmospheric details (nicely extended in Tanaka’s few, stylized illustrations) that will capture and hold readers, from the contents of Theodosia’s curse-removing kit to descriptions of the museum after hours, when Theodosia sleeps in a sarcophagus to ward off the curses of “disgruntled dead things.” Kids who feel overlooked by their own distracted parents may feel a tug of recognition as Theodosia yearns for attention, and those interested in archaeology will be drawn to the story’s questions about the ownership and responsible treatment of ancient artifacts. A sure bet for Harry Potter fans as well as Joan Aiken’s and Eva Ibbotson’s readers. This imaginative, supernatural mystery will find word-of-mouth popularity.
Gillian Engberg
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

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