A Woman in Berlin

A Woman in Berlin
Биографии и мемуары, Военная проза
Язык: английский
Год: 2006
Издатель: Virago Press
ISBN: 978-1-84408-112-7
Город: London
Переводчик: Philip Boehm
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For eight weeks in 1945, as Berlin fell to the Russian army, a young woman kept a daily record of life in her apartment building and among its residents. Spare, unpredictable, minutely observed, and utterly free of self-pity (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland), the anonymous author depicts her fellow Berliners in all their humanity as well as their cravenness. And with bald honesty and brutal lyricism (Elle), she tells of the shameful indignities to which women in a conquered city are always subject. A Woman in Berlin is, to quote A. S. Byatt, essential, and a classic of war literature.

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