House of Blood

House of Blood
Серия: House of Blood #1
Язык: английский
Год: 2004
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"A feast of good old-fashioned horror. Don't pass this one up! -- Brian Keene, author of The Rising

"House Of Blood is a page-turning thrill-ride of terror!" -- Douglas Clegg, author of Priest Of Blood

"Smith has made an impressive first novel debut." -- Cemetery Dance Weekly

From the Back Cover
Later, the ones left alive would agree they never should have turned off that dark stretch of Tennessee interstate. They were tired and tense, two guys and three girls arguing over a vacation gone bad. But things were about to get worse for the five young friends. Much, much worse. In fact, most of them would never see the highway again. 
The woods were dark and forbidding, filled with unseen dangers and inhuman sounds. The light in the distance promised sanctuary from the grasping terrors. Instead, the light lured the travelers to the very heart of evil, a house at the entrance of Hell, a house that held only torture, depravity and--for the lucky ones--death. 
When the front door closes, the screaming begins!

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