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The information contained within THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF UNUSUAL SEX PRACTICES is only as accurate as its sources. These include other authors and practitioners, individuals whose lectures I have attended, sometimes with demonstrations by people whom I have interviewed. I have not knowingly included any false information.

A major dilemma has been how much detailed instruction to include in the text. Knowing people’s tendency towards experimentation, I have felt that it is my obligation to provide enough safety precautions to forestall unnecessary injury. At the same time, it is not my intent to write a user’s manual, or to endorse experimentation or specific sex groups. My purpose is to educate readers, and to do so without censorship.

I have used the acronyms B.C.E. (before common era) and C.E. (common era) instead of B.C. (before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini—in the year of the Lord of the Christian era) purposefully. My book has been written for a world audience of all religions and I prefer not to offend my non-Christian readers with Christian dates. I have also used poems on a few occasions because poems express the intensity of experiences and emotions in a way that I cannot in my writing.

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in giving me their comments or sharing their experiences for a possible revised edition and videotaped slide show to do so by writing me care of my publisher, Barricade Books, Inc., 61 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY 10003.


ABDUCTION Bondage, struggle, and intimidation are often involved in abduction play just as in ancient times when men abducted future brides from other tribes, afterward keeping them in bondage to prevent escape. Bride capture existed in various forms until the 19th century in parts of Europe. (The ritual of a husband carrying his bride over the threshold stems from this tradition.)

Today some people use abduction as part of a negotiated sex scene that involves a mock capture of a hostage, prisoner, slave, or rape victim. The scene is acted out in the privacy of the home using a bedroom, closet, or garage as a jail cell. Others are more daring and stage their abduction scenes in a public place. The amount of physical resistance in this case is limited because potential observers may not know that the abduction is consensual. Costumes and uniforms are used in scenes, particularly for military or police arrests. Couples also make use of handcuffs, thumbcuffs, rope, tape, blindfolds, and other types of bondage paraphernalia.

CAUTION: Physical resistance during abduction sometimes leads to accidental injuries.


ABRASIONS (Carpet burns—on carpet) People create abrasions by using metal emery files, brushes, or other items that are rough to the skin but that do not leave residual particles of any type. Abrasions are generally less severe than rug burns. Nipples are sensitized by sanding lightly with a file and the glans penis or labia is brushed with a fingernail or an artist’s oil brush to accomplish the same effect. This type of torture builds in intensity as time passes and most stop short of creating pain. The desired effect is simply to make the area much more sensitive to normal touch.

CAUTION: Locations on the body are selected that will not be rubbed by clothing nor have pressure on them. Non-sterilized instruments can cause infections.


ACOUSTICOPHILIA (Melolagnia—music) An acousticophile (acoustico: sound; phile: person with attachment) becomes aroused by sounds. Sounds preferred may be in the form of music, song, love poems, verbal abuse, sexual commands, comments in a foreign language, screaming, panting, moaning, groaning, sighing, heavy breathing, as well as any other natural sounds people make during sex.

People who do not normally vocalize feelings of arousal—but who would like to develop this skill—do it during masturbation by concentrating on sounds that express ecstasy. Sounds don’t need to be loud and are preferred when natural and spontaneous. These sounds not only stimulate the person making them but also serve as a very effective method of communicating pleasure with a particular caress, position, or act. This helps the partner learn the techniques needed to keep them aroused.

Group sex can be very exciting for people because of the variety of sounds in close proximity. Some duplicate similar sounds by making a recording (or video) of their love-making and orgasms to play during the next interlude. Others are aroused by hearing or speaking curse words.

Certain music has become associated with sex. One concert pianist said he was capable of eliciting various emotions in his audience by different notes, using “middle c” for sexual arousal. “The Spanish Flea” is used for stripping, and “Bolero” is popular as an accompaniment to sex. Other classical pieces are Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde,” Beethoven’s “Kreutzer Sonata,” Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring,” and Berlioz’s “Symphonie Fantastique.” People who enjoy lying in front of fireplaces on rainy nights purchase recordings of rain storms or the sound of ocean waves. In a similar way, music such as dirges or funeral hymns are used to help the mood for some necrophiles. Hard rock music triggers a sexual response as well, however in an altogether different manner. Michael Koss, who is the president of Koss Stereo Headphone Corporation, is cited by Jillyn Smith in her book, Senses and Sensibilities, where she says, “…the excitement that people, especially teenagers, get from high-decibel music results from activation of the peripheral nervous system by low frequency sound waves beating against the body.” Koss contends that “people can get ‘high’ from this feeling, because it switches on the body’s fight or flight mechanism, bringing a rush of adrenalin (a reason for battle music?)” (p. 39).


ACROPHILIA Acrophilia (Acro: highest point; philia: attachment to) refers to a person who is sexually aroused by heights. Sky diving and bungy cord jumping are high altitude activities that elevate one’s adrenalin. This excitement can then be transferred to passion and sex. Both of these activities include a form of bondage, vertigo, and suspension.

S/M partners who suffer from acrophobia are sometimes blindfolded and made to climb ladders. If this is done often the phobia seems to dissipate and along with it the sexual charge it first produced. (“Terror,” QSM lecture by J. C. Collins, November 28, 1990)

Another popular form of acrophilia is having sex at a high altitude. This is humorously referred to as becoming a member of the “Mile High Club” and is done in airplanes or other aircraft. (Conversely one wonders if there is a “Mile Low Club” for submarines.) There was a group of pilots in New York that had their own version of a Mile High Club. The requirements were that the pilot and passenger went up in an open cockpit bi-plane, and when they reached an altitude of 6,500 feet, the passenger would disrobe, climb out on the wing and into the back seat, returning to the front seat after having sex with the pilot. All without falling off the wing! (Personal communication, 1980)