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Aerobatics can be sexually arousing for a few people. Stunts in a small plane offer 4–5 negative G-forces and 3–4 positive Gs. These affect the body by pushing the blood into either the head or the lower body, and result in feelings of lightheadedness, floating, or sinking, depending on the maneuver. There is a tremendous adrenalin ‘rush’ and a simultaneous sense of power over the airplane and submission to it. The feeling of being bound is greater in stunt flying than with other sports because the belts have to hold both body weight and chute through every maneuver. There are very few sensations that compare with hanging upside down while one’s weight pulls them toward the glass bubble that separates the pilot from the rapidly approaching ground. This feat provides enough sexual stimulation to cause at least one female pilot to experience spontaneous orgasm. (Personal communication.)

Finally, there are people who claim to have been captured by creatures from outer space and impregnated while aboard flying saucers. Their stories have provided many with a sexual fantasy, one that is acted out with the aid of readily available space costumes.


ACROTOMOPHILIA (Amelotasis—attraction to the absence of a limb) An acrotomophile (Acro: extremity; -tomy: to cut; philia: attachment to) is a person who is aroused by the thought of having sex with an amputee or by fantasizing about it.

Acrotomophiles sometimes convince a consenting partner to wrap a hand or foot in bandages. Dr. Eustace Chesser tells of a man who used a form of pseudoacrotomy by having his wife limp across the bedroom with crutches before engaging in sex. He became impotent if she didn’t comply (Strange Loves, p. 40).

People may become attracted to amputees for many reasons. These include fetishes, vicarious sadism, low self-esteem, a legitimate excuse for poor performance, respect for an amputee’s adjustment to a handicap, need to rescue and care for an amputee, and fear that this loss could happen to them.

People in any of these categories have apparently developed an amputee attraction through a previous childhood experience. They may have escaped possible injury themselves or saw someone else injured. They were introduced to the concept of amputation at an early age. The fear or compassion which they felt at that time could have made such a strong impression that they may experience an erotic reaction when they next see an amputee. Those persons can be male or female, straight or gay. That initial erotic arousal then becomes the key to their adult sexuality.

Others may react by taking solace in the knowledge that someone else has worse problems than themselves. For some men the preference of an unusual sex object or practice is due to sexual repression and guilt imposed by parents. They select safe objects onto which to direct their lust. They may select a prostitute because she cannot be violated, or a handicapped person because the request for sex is compensated for by nurturing of the individual.

Conversely, a person with a low self-esteem may feel that someone with a handicap would provide a secure relationship as no one else would compete for them. They may also feel that the amputee could not afford to be too critical or demanding. This false sense of security and arrogance may lead a few into abusive behavior in their relationships with amputees. Men who have been constantly criticized by parents sometimes feel that if they had been amputees they would have been nurtured more and criticized less, therefore the amputee possesses a quality that this person feels he or she needs. They gain that quality by vicarious association. Their sexual inhibitions are lowered.

Clubs exist that provide introductions or referrals for amputees, and literature exists that provides written materials and photos. Fascination magazine features only photos and stories about female amputees. There is a book, Amputees & Devotees by Grant C. Riddle, which provides a detailed study of this phenomenon.


ACUPRESSURE Acupressure is the art of stimulating the self-healing or pleasure centers of the body by direct pressure on specific areas. It is widely used in India for holistic care. Not only are the person’s muscles manipulated, but so is their energy flow. Yoga masters are said to have the ability to use acupressure to give or take away knowledge, spiritual enlightenment, and energy. Sex is only a small part of this complex form of healing and spirituality.

The two areas most responsive to acupressure are the hands and feet. Twenty minutes of acupressure applied to them can result in increased sexual energy. Every square inch of the feet and hands is given individual attention by using firm pressure and a rotating motion. This should not create pain when done correctly.

Sensual acupressure points also include the ears and big toes, which are particularly sensitive to being sucked or fellated.

Other pressure points are on a person’s torso. These areas are on the nipples, inner collar bone, center of chest between nipples (of small breasts) just under the navel, at the top line of pubic hair, at the base of the spine, and around the anus. The exact spots will vary slightly from person to person, and some spots may not provide stimulus at all.

Acupressure is also used to delay ejaculation in men. These pressure points are listed by David and Ellen Ramsdale as follows in their book titled Sexual Energy Ecstasy, A Practical Guide to Lovemaking Secrets of the East and West.

PROSTATE POINT—midway between scrotum and anus, pushed frequently and firmly before ejaculation is imminent. Some men are able to tighten the anal/Pubococcygeal muscle enough to pump the prostate.

SOLAR PLEXUS—pit of stomach right below breastbone, pressed with fingertips of both hands.

SACRUM—inverted triangle of bone at base of spine, fingertip or thumb pressure used.

PUBIC BONE JUST ABOVE PENIS—pressed with third finger.

TESTES—putted to keep them from rising up toward body.

In keeping with acupressure therapy, Ramsdale and Dorman also include a list of genital pressure points and their corresponding list of organs that receive rejuvenation (i.e. lungs, heart, spleen, liver, and kidneys). The inside wall of the vagina has similar pressure points with the heart being the organ stimulated by the deepest penetration. The lungs are at the second deepest point. This acupressure theory suggests that there is a definite health advantage related to regular intercourse or masturbation.


ADOLESCENTILISM-PARAPHILIC (Ephebophilia—attraction to adolescents) Paraphilic adolescentilism refers to people who find sexual pleasure in dressing like a teenager or acting out this role.


ADULTERY (Apistia, Affair, Open marriage—consensual, Nonmonogamy—lifestyle that does not restrict number of partners) Adultery is the sexual union between people when at least one of them is married to someone else. It is rarely used to describe a man who frequents prostitutes or for a wandering partner in a homosexual marriage. Most often the reason for engaging in adultery is an unbridled desire for ecstasy or passion; second is the opportunity to fulfill basic needs that are not met elsewhere; and third is the inability to say “no.”