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Anal sex has been practiced throughout history for pleasure, birth control, and to avoid breaking a virgin’s hymen. While common in some cultures, others put restrictions on this type of intercourse just as they did with abortion or birth control. Rules concerning birth control either ensured an adequate supply of soldiers or servants for the country or prevented overpopulation, which was a strain on economies that didn’t have welfare programs or a stable agricultural base.

The anus, in addition to its response to tactile stimulation, is a sensory area that produces a pleasure response in the brain when stimulated. Primal man evolved so that a pleasure sensation would occur in the brain whenever he engaged in a life sustaining body function. This encouraged men to eat until full, drink, sleep, urinate, defecate, and so forth. An example of this reaction is the kiss. Men have discovered that stimulation of the mouth during sex produces a euphoric chemical reaction for what our body thinks is eating. The nipples and ears are also utilized in this manner without much guilt or shame; however, using the anus in sexual activity is taboo in some cultures, ours included. Clinically there is no difference between stimulation of the mouth, ears, nipples, feet, or anus in the production of pleasure sensations to the brain. None of these activities have a direct role in reproduction so it seems inconsistent for people to accept some and not all points of arousal in sexual activity.

In 1990 there were still seventeen states with statutes that made consensual anal sex or sodomy illegal. Playboy reported the case history of one Indiana husband who was imprisoned for having anal sex with his wife. The husband’s letter to Playboy in part read:

I want to express my appreciation to the Playboy Foundation for helping me fight for my liberty. I have been in prison since August 1965 for having had anal intercourse with my wife. Your readers may find it difficult to believe that a person can be imprisoned for a form of sexual expression performed within the privacy of the marriage bed, but I ruefully can testify that it is true.

These are the facts: My wife and I were married in 1953… Whatever quarrels we had were always made up amicably after we’d had a chance to cool off. Even though we were having a particulary difficult time of it during the spring of 1965, I was nonetheless shocked to learn one day that my wife had signed an affidavit accusing me of committing “the abominable and detestable crime against nature” with her. To this day, I do not know for certain why she did this—although during subsequent conversations, I have gathered that at the time she was particularly angry with me, following an argument, and that a meddlesome friend had goaded her into trying to “put me away” for a while. I do know that whatever my wife and I did in bed was as much her wish as it was mine.

Even though his wife changed her mind and wanted to drop the charges she was informed that she no longer had the legal right to withdraw her allegation; the state of Indiana became the plaintiff.

The trial took place and to his amazement the judge sentenced him to “not less than two nor more than fourteen years.” Fortunately, an attorney from the Playboy Foundation became interested in his case and assisted him in filing an appeal attacking the constitutionality of the Indiana sodomy statute. Mr. Cotner spent almost three years in prison before receiving a retrial (From Playboy: Sex American Style, Edited by Frank Robinson and Nat Lehrman, pp. 247–250).

There are many types of sex that involve the anus. The following subsections are variations of anal play.

ANOLINCTUS (Anophilemia—kissing anus, Hedralingus—ticking anus, Proctotitillia—tickling anus) Anolinctus is the act of licking the anus. Some people prefer their partner to clean the area first, and others prefer the natural state. The tongue is run along the inner buttocks and the anus is licked or tickled with the tongue. In another form of anolinctus, a person uses the tongue like a penis, thrusting it between the buttocks, and ramming it against the anus. (See also COPROPHILIA and FLATULANCE)

ANOLINGUS Anolingus, or rimming, is similar to analinctus but refers to actually inserting the tongue into a partner’s anus. This activity can transmit diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, and giardia unless a dental dam or plastic barrier is used. Another reason precautions should be taken is that there are also indigenous parasites living in the lower intestine that can cause disease when ingested and relocated to the upper intestine of the one who does the licking.

AUTOPEDERASTY Autopederasty refers to a man inserting his penis into his own anus. This is not physically possible for all men, but can be pleasurable for those who achieve it. The anus is lubricated, the testicles are pushed to one side and the semi-erect glans penis is pushed into the anus. Ejaculation is not considered possible due to the position and detumescence of the penis.

FELCHING Felching is a term used to describe the act of sucking semen out of a partner’s vagina or anus. Felching gives pleasure to some sex slaves as an act of submission even when the semen belongs to previous lovers. The woman sometimes squats over the face of her slave and lets the semen drain into his mouth, others assume the usual positions for cunnilingus. The term felching may also be used to describe the use of a live animal in anal or vaginal sex. (See ZOOPHILIA)

FISTING Fisting involves inserting the hand, fist, or forearm into the rectum or vagina. See the section on FISTING for additional information.

PEDERASTY (Proctophallism, Sotadism, Corephallism—with young girl) Pederasty refers to the act of penetrating a partner in anal intercourse. It is also used interchangeably with pedophilia. Pleasure is sometimes increased for the pederast by pressing together their partner’s buttocks to squeeze the shaft of the penis.

CAUTION: Anal play carries with it the potential of disease and bacterial infections because the rectal epithelium is thinner and more easily damaged than the vaginal wall. New or nonmonogamous partners often use a latex or rubber barrier to prevent direct contact between the anus and the penis or instrument and they avoid switching from anal intercourse to vaginal intercourse without properly cleaning the penis or instrument. Men who do not use condoms often wash after anal penetration to prevent breaking out with a possible bacterial rash the next morning (this is often mistaken for herpes—which takes at least two days for initial infection to appear). Some people use presex enemas to reduce the amount of fecal matter in the lower rectum. The cell wall in the rectum is very thin and can be easily torn. Foreign objects, toys, fingers, and fingernails are checked to make sure they are free of any rough edges. Nylon hosiery run across an object can test its smoothness. Condoms and latex gloves are also used. The four basic rules observed before engaging in anal sex include the following:

Communicating with partners, not surprising them.

Lubricating well with a water- based lubricant and using a condom.

Relaxing and pushing out with the anus muscles—some find that lying on their side is the easiest position for entry.

Objects are not poked into the partner, but rather held in place as partner slowly pushes back onto them.

People experimenting with anal play begin by using one of their fingers or a small dildo or butt plug. Anything inserted into the anus has a flange or is securely anchored to prevent the internal sphincters from sucking it out of the fingers and up into the intestine. People have actually used light bulbs and other glass or plastic instruments that have broken once inside, causing tissue damage that required surgery. (Refer to section on GENITAL/ANAL INSERTS for additional information.) The following symptoms of injury are watched for and reported to a physician: