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“I can work on getting our final documents together. New identities, passports, that sort of thing. Most of it should be complete by now.”

“Have you thought about where you want to go?” she asked.

“What do you think about Indonesia? Bali?”



She grinned. “That seems a little more like a vacation spot than somewhere we’d go on the run.”

“It can be both. Our money will last there. We can get a little place, and it’ll be beautiful. I’m done staying in disgusting hovels. I lived on the run taking jobs that made my skin crawl, saving money for my future. I want to put down roots somewhere comfortable.” I squeezed her hand, shifting on the bed so that she lay on top of me. “Unless you want to reconsider things? It’ll be scary at times, and it’ll be rough.”

“Is this the last time you’re going to ask me?” she asked with a grin.

I laughed. “Fine. Sorry. Yes.”

“I am completely sure. This’ll be good for us. I know it.”

“Okay, then.”

Kate leaned down, pressing her lips to mine. “I love you,” she whispered between our mouths.

I found her hand, linking our fingers together. “I love you, too.”

I reached up, tugging on the hem of her T-shirt, pulling it over her head. My hands drifted up to the clasp of her bra, fumbling with the hooks for a second before I stripped the fabric from her body.

She stared down at me, a playful expression in her eyes that immediately had my dick hard. Or maybe that was just how good it felt to have her rocking over me.

My hands came down to the button of her jeans.

“You have entirely too many clothes on,” I murmured.

I unbuttoned her pants and dragged the zipper down, tugging the denim off of her body. Kate moved away, shedding the remainder of her clothes, and then she was straddling me again, naked, bending forward to kiss me.

My hand stroked down her back as we kissed, tracing the sharp line of her spine, cupping her ass, squeezing, my mouth drifting down to her neck, my teeth scraping the skin there. She shivered, her fingers reaching for the waistband of my boxers, pulling the fabric down. I lifted my hips to help her, until I was naked, my eyes slamming closed at the feel of her against me—slippery and wet. We rocked back and forth as Kate rubbed herself over me, again and again, her head thrown back, fucking gorgeous.

A thin line of sweat formed on my brow, my hands clenching the sheets, the urge to slide into her tight heat nearly overwhelming. And then, as though she took pity on me, she reached between us, taking my cock in her hands and circling it, positioning her hips over me, sinking down slowly, the head teasing her entrance as she covered me in her arousal. Little by little, she lowered herself until she’d taken all of me, and then with my hand at her hip, she began to ride.

We didn’t speak, didn’t do anything but give in to the sensations overtaking our bodies. When I came, I came hard, her body clinging to mine, my arms around her, and then Kate simply collapsed on top of me, her head resting on my chest, her lips over my heart, pressed against the initial I’d had etched there, all those years ago.

Chapter Twenty-two

Get ready for our biggest story yet …

Capital Confessions blog


I strode into the Capital Confessions offices feeling like I was about to fire the opening shot in a war. This was it. Everything that had happened up until this point had led us here; this was my final showdown in the O.K. Corral.

And yeah, I was nervous.

Blair and Jackie had tried to come with me, but I’d been serious when I insisted that from here on out, this was my battle. I wasn’t going to let them risk more than they already had.

I waited in front of Sean Dell’s secretary’s desk; her eyes had widened when I gave her my name and said that I didn’t have an appointment, but wanted to talk to him. I’d come armed with everything we had—every tawdry bit of information we’d amassed on my father’s past sins, the tenuous ties we could use to create questions about his involvement in Afghanistan and everything else. It wasn’t proof, but I’d seen what Sean could do with just the hint of scandal, and I had every bit of faith that he could bring the house down with just these scraps.

His secretary returned, a smile on her face. “He’ll see you now.”

I walked into his office, ready to connect the face with the man, the myth, the legend. When I’d given information to Capital Confessions in the past, I’d kept all of my interaction with him remote so we’d never actually met in person. My first impression was that he—and his office—were messy. It sort of looked like a bomb had gone off in the middle, and while I was by no means neat, I had no idea how he could work like that.

He stood as I walked into the room, a wide smile and a predatory gleam in his eyes.

“Kate Reynolds.”

I nodded. “Sean Dell.”

“It feels like we’ve had this appointment for a long time considering how many times we’ve dealt with each other over email. Not to mention my relationship with your sisters.”

“Sister. We both know this isn’t Blair’s style.”

He chuckled. “True. She’s the classy Reynolds, isn’t she?”

“She is.”

“And Jackie, though not an official Reynolds, is the ballsy one. So which one are you?”

“I’m the one who’s going to give you the story of your life and make your career.”

If he’d rubbed his hands together with glee, he wouldn’t have looked more eager than he did now. I’d second-guessed a lot of my decisions lately, questioned whether I really was doing the smart thing. But this? This felt like serendipity, like this man and I had been brought together for the revenge and justice I’d yearned to mete out for years.

“Your father?”

I nodded.

“This is about that mysterious family feud, isn’t it? You’ve been estranged from your parents for what, three years now?”

“Nearly four.”

He gestured to the empty seat in front of his desk. “Sit.”

I sat.

“Is everything off the record?” he asked.

“It’s whatever you want it to be. But I have a few conditions first.”


“You keep my sisters out of it. Period. That’s nonnegotiable. You make it seem like I’m completely on my own. None of this touches them. And you keep them out of Capital Confessions.”

“Your sisters are popular hits for the blog. That’s going to be a sticking point for me.”

“You can have the first pictures and exclusive of Jackie’s wedding. She and Will are in agreement with that. After that, though, you back off of them. You’ve had enough of a focus on our family. Besides, with what I’m giving you, you’ll have enough to fill your coffers for a very long time. Right now you’re a big blog with a strong regional following, but no one outside of D.C., Virginia, and Maryland really gives a shit about the social stories you focus on because they don’t care about any of the players. We’re small fish to the rest of the country and world. Wouldn’t you rather focus on the power players? The information I’m about to give you will make Capital Confessions the go-to site on a much larger scale. You won’t need to blog about broken engagements and sex tapes with state senators.”

Will was awesome, but it wasn’t like he was a major political player. Not yet, anyway.

“What else do you want?”

“There’s another person whose identity you have to promise to protect in this. I’m not going to tell you who until you promise, but that is another nonnegotiable for me. The biggest one.”

“You just expect me to blindly agree to something without knowing what it is? Seriously?”