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Let’s look at the scenario that is believed had taken pace. The size of the gas chamber is 30m x 7m with one door entrance at the middle of the 7m front. It is said that the SS would fit 2,500 of Jews inside every chamber for 15 minutes. Let’s make 1 row of 14 people across the 7m, the size of average people would be 50cm x 25cm. Then bring it up across the 30m. We can only get 1,680 of crowded and packed Jews inside the chamber.

However, this density implies that there is no resistance at all, it implies total cooperation. It is hard to believe that this many people would go in there without resistance because it is a little under 1 square feet per person, which might make people a little skeptical about the shower story, especially since there were no soap dispensers.

This density would require military discipline and training. It’s even harder to believe that they could get over 2,000 of Jews to move all the way to the back so tightly, especially since we are led to believe that Jews were running the operation. This level of crowding would take complete compliance and lots of practice.

At some point during the gassing operation, people would probably panic or cause a revolt and surge towards the door. How hard could this many people push? How hard could 2,000 of people push towards the door and what kind of door was used?

To find out, you may go to the Holocaust Memorial website. You will find numerous photos of types of doors being used, which made from flimsy timber. Do you choose to believe that 1,200,000 people, systematically, in over-crowded lots of 2,000 were complicit in their own death as to not resist, not even once?

You can also find the photo of the elevator, the elevator which was apparently used to take the corpses from the gassing room to the crematorium upstairs. However, it seems that the elevator had a maximum capacity of 300kgs. With 2,000 of bodies in the basement and the capacity of 300kgs, it would take 280 trips up and down, 7 bodies at a time. This goes to show that the needed time frame to kill all of these Jews could never have been met because discarding of the bodies would have been too time-consuming.

The exact number of victims at Auschwitz is difficult to fix with certainty, as many prisoners were never registered and much evidence was destroyed by the S.S in the final days of the war. However shortly following the camps takeover, the Soviets government stated that 4,000,000 people had been killed on site. A figure now regarded as greatly exaggerated even by the Jewish community.

However, the figure that was accepted by the Jewish community was from unproven claims made by Dr. Wilhelm Hottl as mentioned earlier, that 2,500,000 Jews had been killed in gas chambers and about 500,000 had died of other causes. Later he wrote, “I regard 2,500,000 far too high, even Auschwitz had limits to its destructive possibilities.” Essentially he was going back on claims made during the Nuremberg trials.

Raul Hillberg’s 1961 work, “The Destruction of The European Jews” estimated the number killed at Auschwitz as a maximum of 1,000,000 Jewish victims.

As you can see, the more and more people have looked into the mathematics regarding these mass-killings, the smaller the numbers have gotten over time. The point being is, there is no official number of Jews killed at Auschwitz. Let alone during the World War 2. There are just different official numbers used by different groups of people this much is fact.

However, claiming such things usually results in ridicule persecution and hollow claims of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. Any attempt of revision or historical fact checking of these events also results in similar criticisms.

The cremation process is perhaps the most unbelievable part of the operation. 15 individuals crematorium were in Auschwitz, which may seem like a lot. But given the capabilities of the small and flimsy oven, there is just no possible way there would have been an ability to dispose of 2,000 bodies at a time. It takes just over an hour to cremate a body using the crematoriums we have today which burn at a lot higher temperature. In fact, to put it into perspective it would have taken a week to dispose of all the bodies properly, which puts the Auschwitz Gas Chamber story into question.

Because there is belief that 2,500 Jews were killed and disposed at a time and the only way to make the mathematics work is like this:

Hour #1   2,000 Jews were killed

Hour #2   15 cremated and 1,985 left to go

Hour #3   15 cremated and 1,970 left to go

Continue with the same pace

Hour #133   15 cremated and 5 left to go

So, by hour #133, or six days later, we still have 5 bodies left to go. We can’t proceed with another gassing until the 6th day because there is no way to put the bodies..

The main point here is, the Germans would never have had a system where the ratio of cremations holds up the killing process by almost a week.

What makes it even more unbelievable is that, Holocaust historians tell us that the crematoriums were not in use until mid-1943, and ending in late 1944. Which means it were only 1 year and a half for all of these bodies to go through the process.

A book entitled “Auschwitz: A case for sanity” by Dr. Carlo Mattogno wrote about how three to four bodies would not have fit through the opening of the crematorium, and the vaporizing water about 360 liters for 12 bodies would overwhelm the oven, bringing the temperature down too much for it to function as fast as it normally would.

Now the Crematorium 2, so if the building was not a gas chamber facility for the purpose of mass murder, what was it for?

We find Crematorium 2 in a satellite view. We find on the edge of this community because it was made for the people who die there. We will get into the specifics of the main causes of death soon but for now, we will focus on the purpose of the facility.

We know the setting for Auschwitz was made in the theme of the community which had some very unusual facilities within, which were available for prisoners, like a swimming pool, a theater for the orchestral and plays. In fact, they even had a maternity ward, a camp library, an art studio, a brothel, a religious facility, a sauna, a soccer field and more. This is all fact which is backed up by the Holocaust Museum itself.

One might be inclined to ask why would they build facilities like this for prisoners in a death camp, or better yet, why would they put the gas chamber in the crematorium next to the hospital? Yet again, the answer is simple, historical documents tell us that almost all prisoners went to the gas chamber on arrival which would defeat the purpose of housing them, let alone giving them swimming pools and the soccer field.

The reason is because it was not a death camp it was a work camp. The gas chamber being used was not for the purpose of genocide but for the purpose of delousing.

Dr. Charles Larson, highly regarded US pathologist, who was appointed by the Judge Advocate General’s Department to investigate the conditions and the cause of deaths in the camps concluded, after overseeing thousands of autopsies that not one case of death by poison gas was found. The main cause of death in German labor camps as found by Dr. Charles Larson was typhus, because he said “typhus was a widespread problem in the serious health threat during the World War 2, German engineer and chemist were commissioned to develop the means to counter the typhus epidemic and minimize the loss of life.” Evidence provided by Dr. Charles Larson was deliberately ignored by the Nuremberg court.