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This was terrible! Unless I asked for hundreds of lashes which would be separated too much to allow me to go into orgasm I would be admitting I was a slut. I sat in our bedroom whimpering and holding the whip that would be giving me hours of pain until the guests had arrived and Jon led me into the living room. There were ten couples. If they all whipped me I would be getting four hundred lashes!

That thought and the humiliation of being stark naked among all the men fully dressed in tuxedos and the women in beautiful gowns made me cry. Jon said sharply, "Be brave! Let these people know that you have twice their courage."

That helped! I realized that if I was brave they would have to respect me although I was naked and servile.

I heard the guests arriving waiting docilely in a combination of fear and excitement until Jon came in and put a beautiful silk gown around my shoulders and told me to hold the front closed with my hands until he was ready to unveil me.

Just before we went out he had me open my legs to spank my pussy until the scars of his initials appeared and I was near orgasm.

When we went out he had me stand until they were gathered in front of me then said, "Some of you have wondered why I chose Joy to be my constant companion when several beautiful, educated, and well bred women were available. I have decided to show you. Joy will do anything I wish to please me. Tonight she has agreed to please you as well. In proof that she is willing to suffer more than any other woman for me notice her pussy."

At that he pulled off my robe and a woman gasped as she said, "Jesus! her pussy has been branded with his initials. I can't imagine how much that must have hurt. It is like in the "Story of O" except the brand is in an even more delicate spot."

I decided to go to the people we had been to dinner and the theatre with first hoping they would go easy on me.

As instructed I knelt in front of them and said, "I am here to entertain you. I will do anything you ask. If I refuse you may give me twenty lashes with this whip."

I was lucky. He just wanted me to stand still while he fondled my body. I thought that since I was not cooperating I could agree without appearing too sluttish. It was embarrassing because as soon as he began fondling me we were circled by people. Fortunately I blushed and felt vindicated because someone said, "Look she is blushing with embarrassment but is not complaining in order to please Jon." I began to think I would have been better off with the lashing because no time limit was set on his fondling. I began to get excited as he pulled on my nipples and put his fingers in my pussy and it was very hard to hide the fact I was enjoying this which would make me a slut.

Finally he tired of fondling me so I dropped back down on my knees and after taking a deep breath to steady my voice I made my speech to his wife.

She said, "Your body seems very firm. I would like to test it by slapping it with my hands."

This time I was smart enough to set guidelines and asked how many slaps. When she said twenty should do it I agreed.

She made it last forever. She had me stand with my back to her for a slap to one cheek then make comments about the way my ass jiggled when hit and the perfect red hand-print she left on my butt. Then she would have me turn to slap my breast. This really hurt but she just giggled at the way it had jumped then had me turn and bend over for another on my butt. By the tenth spank and pose I had some satisfaction when she said she should have used the whip since her hand was hurting. She gave me the next eight left-handed which did not hurt as much but as a finale while the others cheered she had me do a back-bend then hit me two hard ones on my pussy with the backs of her fingers. Her middle finger went between the lips to hit my clit to make me scream.

I was beginning to feel frustrated. The excitement of being the center of admiration coupled with the pain was making me excited but not enough to cum which I wanted so much while at the same time I realized there was no way I could get an orgasm without them all knowing it. I was sure all of them would think I was a terrible slut if I came while suffering pain and humiliation.

The next man wanted a blow-job which I had to refuse. He had me bend over and had his wife hold on to my tits to keep me in position while he whipped my butt. She actually hurt me more than he did by pinching my nipples with her long fingernails and jerking on them with each lash.

They gave me a drink to give me a break then his wife said she wanted me to eat her pussy and lick her asshole. I chose the lashes which were terrible since she put all twenty on my tits while her husband held me in a hammer-lock hold.

For the rest of the night I received lashes in all kinds of positions when they knew I would refuse sex. Some times I would be held spreadeagled by as many as four people. Other times I would have to assume a pose and hold it with no restraint. I found it was better to be held since it did not require as much courage. I also found that the women were much meaner than the men. They always demanded oral sex they knew I would refuse then concentrate on my sensitive nipples and clit. It hurt so much I could not have been able to stay still for it without being held.

It took several hours to satisfy all of them but I felt vindicated at the end when I was given a standing ovation for my bravery and devotion to Jon. All of them took turns caressing my red and welted body with the salve Jon gave them. I really felt proud and loved with the caresses and compliments. As the crowning touch one of the women said that I deserved a reward.

"You deserve something special. I am going to eat that sweet red pussy until you have a marvelous orgasm."

I didn't know if I should accept or not. I looked at Jon and he nodded so I agreed.

It was wonderful! She knew just how to do it and made it even better by having two other women lick and nibble my nipples. I came until the exhaustion from all the whipping and the orgasms put me to sleep.

I didn't wake up until the next morning. My skin was white again and it was hard to believe I had suffered so much that night.

Jon was very happy with my performance and after breakfast licked and fucked me to give me a splendid orgasm because I could remember all the pain I had gone through to add to my excitement.

Again Jon agreed to let me do anything I wanted for the next few days then he decided to have a pool party. I became a little frightened thinking I might be in for an even greater ordeal than the last party and was very happy when Jon said I would be equal to anyone at the party and would thoroughly enjoy myself. He had me wear one of my thong bathing suits which just had a small strap going up the crack of my ass and cut low enough in front to show my pubic mound. Unfortunately the other women also wore the same kind of suit and I was hurt to see Jon admiring their bodies while they talked about their special diets and their athletic clubs that kept them in shape. I felt really good when one of the women noticed my brands. I proudly told her that I had asked Jon to do it so I could prove I belonged to him and she said to her husband, "Don't get any ideas. I am not sure I love you that much." I walked away proudly noting her husband's look of disappointment. I knew I was really special.