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One of the women told me I had a great flat stomach and said she could not work up the motivation to work hard enough to get that hard.

"Why don't you do as I do? I set a goal on each exercise and if I don't make it I have Jon give me a spanking. There is a great exercise. You hang from a trapeze and lift your legs up to your stomach. It really makes it hard. I can do ten or twelve of them. Would you like to try it?"

Her husband said, "Go for it! You know how I love flat tummies."

"Yeah sure! I suppose you would like to spank me if I don't make it."

"You know how lazy you are. You need something like that."

"Well okay but you will get carried away if you get to spank me. I'll do it if Joy does the spanking."

He agreed and we went to the trapeze at the deep end of the pool. I explained how it worked then Jon tapped me on the shoulder to hand me my thong whip.

She looked at it wide-eyed and said, "Wait. That thing looks as if it will really hurt!"

"Not really. It doesn't hurt as much as a man's hand. It is real soft. Feel it."

She took it from me and felt the thongs. The whip was deceptive. It had been soaked in oil and felt really soft but I had found it was actually worse than just dry thongs because the oil made it real flexible so every inch of it would be felt and the oil added weight.

By now everyone had gathered around her and when one of the women said, "Sandra! Don't be a wimp. You need this. You know how you quit at the club the minute you get a drop of sweat."

"Well okay but I have never done this exercise. If you can do twelve I will just try for eight."

"Okay. If you don't make it you will get sixteen spanks."

"That shouldn't be too bad. My brute husband gives me birthday spankings with his belt."

She went to the trapeze and her husband lifted her up since it was high enough to keep your feet from touching the floor. When he let go the little pooch went out of her stomach and her breasts lifted to show the top part of her nipples. She looked great! The audience Yelled out compliments and her husband felt her taut belly and said it was hard as a rock. Others ran over to feel it so she hung there beaming with pleasure at their admiration for a few moments using up some of her strength.

I hated the admiring look Jon was giving her and hoped she would not be able to complete the exercise so I could spank her.

She did the first four pretty easily. Everyone applauded and yelled encouragement as they stared at her straining body and the way her breasts were slowly working out of her bathing suit top. By the fourth one her nipples popped out. They really applauded by the sixth when the top fell to her waist showing her really nice boobs. I thought she was going to make it although sweat began to run off her body and each one took a little longer to get her knees up to her waist. At seven she was panting and made several attempts but could not get her knees up all the way. She finally just hung there and moaned, "I can't do it."

Jon stepped up to snap some handcuffs onto her wrists and over the bar of the trapeze saying, "This is just in case you change your mind."

She looked dazed and didn't seem to notice her breasts were bare. Her husband stepped behind her and pulled the skinny triangle at the back of her suit into the crack of her ass causing her to gasp.

I stepped to her side and slapped her ass with the whip. She jumped making her tits bobble while they applauded and yelled "One!"

They became more excited at each count as the whip made a loud snap and red lines formed on her butt. I knew from experience the pain was not as bad as it looked and she confirmed it by just making small gasps and shuddering at each lash. I found that it really got to me. I had not expected it to be so exciting to be at this end of the whip and really had to concentrate on not hitting her too hard. By about the thirteenth lash some of the people had been engulfed by the excitement and had pulled off their suits to fuck dog fashion so they could continue to watch. By the sixteenth I was panting as hard as Sandra who was obviously excited by the ordeal.

Her husband couldn't wait for her cuffs to be removed. He just ripped off her suit bottom and buried his dick inside her, grabbing her red cheeks to pull her forward while she wrapped her legs around his waist to help drive him into her.

Jon took off her handcuffs but she continued to hold on to the trapeze with a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

I pulled down Jon's suit and flopped on my back for him to lay on me with my legs around his butt pulling him into me as deep as possible.

After we came I sat up to see everyone was naked and lying back looking satisfied. Jon sent me to get a bottle of champagne and glasses. We sat around in a circle cross-legged like kids around the campfire to check out each other's bodies. They had Sandra stand up to show her red butt. By now it had faded to the point it just looked like it was blushing. Showing it off while they felt it to see if it was still warm seemed to excite her again. She said, "That was a wild experience! Don's birthday spankings have never turned me on. I just let him do it because it made him excited. Somehow being tied with a bunch of people watching me almost naked while my butt got hot and tingly was really exciting. I was about to have an orgasm when she quit. Could you tell?"

They all agreed that it was obvious she was getting off on it by the look on her face and the way she was pulsating. Jon had taken out my nipple rings since they were so obvious in my white top but had left my pussy rings in. One of the girls noticed them and asked me to come over so she could see them better. She thought they were beautiful but shuddered at the thought of putting them in. I again wanted to prove how much I loved Jon so I told her it hurt awful but I wanted them as further proof of my love for Jon.

I think that alienated the other women especially when their husbands or boyfriends asked them why they had never done anything to prove their love. Sandra said, "Oh she is just making a big deal over it. It is just skin. I had my ears pierced in three places for my diamonds. I'll bet that hurt just as much. I'll bet she spanked me harder than Jon ever did her."

I didn't know what to say. There was no way to prove how much it had hurt and I didn't want Jon to look sadistic. I just sat there thinking of an answer when she continued.

"I'll bet she lied about doing twelve of those leg-ups too. I am in great shape and I could only do seven."

"Yes I can! I already have. If I really pushed I could do fourteen."

Sandra squealed, "That's a bet. If you don't do it I get to give you twenty eight lashes."

I was trapped but I didn't care. I wanted to prove myself. I told Sandra defiantly, "I am not only stronger than you but braver too. You know spankings to your butt don't really hurt that bad.If I don't make it I will take the sixteen you took on my butt plus sixteen more on my front!"

Sandra smiled evilly and said, "Really? You mean I can turn that cute white belly, your breasts, and even your pussy all red?"

"Yes but don't get your hopes up. I will do fourteen."

"You better! I am going to hit as hard as I can. Just like you did!"

That wasn't true. I could have hit her harder but I just said, "Do your worst if you get the chance!"