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Everyone cheered and I felt very proud of myself.

I was happy that I received as many compliments as Sandra when I jumped up to the trapeze and hung there for a moment to show them how my stomach went concave.

It was exciting to flash my pussy in front of all those people, I felt like I was on stage again and smiled at the hungry look on the faces of the men as I not only lifted my legs but spread them too. I did them slowly to let them see my muscles work which was a mistake. The excitement plus the fact I was still tired from the sex and the extra effort to slowly spread them and bring my knees up next to my breasts made me realize I was not going to make it. My legs shook as I managed to lift them up for the thirteenth then I gave up sobbing from the exertion.

I was so tired I dropped to the floor panting as I sat there recovering Sandra said, "Rest up because when you are ready to be handcuffed to the trapese I am going to turn that cute white body maroon. Remember? You said I could hit your front as well as your butt."

That scared me. I knew she ws strong and I had never received thirty lashes all hard.

"Please don't hit too hard. I went easy on you."

"I didn't ask you to go easy. The point is to punish for failure. It was your choice to go easy. I plan to punish you for all the bragging you did that you could do so many. You set the goal and you failed."

One of the men yelled, "Way to go Sandra. Let's see if you can make her scream. She never did at the last party."

That really alarmed me I turned to Jon and begged, "You won't let her hurt me badly. You will stop her if she hits too hard won't you?"

I sobbed at his answer.

"You asked for this. I hope she really hurts you so you will remember that your punishments are to be set by me, not at your whim."

One of the women yelled, "All right! You have carte blanche Sandra. Let's see if you can turn her maroon."

Sandra howled in glee and told them I would be maroon from my armpits to my thighs."

I sat there and had to admit to myself that I could have done fourteen if I had just done them quickly instead of showing off and began to wonder if I had set myself up for failure just to show my courage.

By then I was rested so Jon got the padded cuffs and locked them to the trapese as two men lifted me by holding on to my thighs. Then Jon said "I have something to keep her accessible."

He went into the dungeon and brought out a steel pipe about four feet long with manacles welded to the ends which he attached to my ankles while the men pulled my legs apart to stretch the muscles in my thighs.

Someone yelled, "Wow! The lips of her pussy have opened. The whip can hit right on her clit."

I began to sob, "No. Please no." as Sandra picked up the whip with an evil look on her face.

She stood by my side and said, "Brace Yourself." then hit my ass as hard as she could. I screamed as this terrible burn went across both cheeks. The people applauded and yelled encouragement.

She hit my ass seven more times just as hard with loud "Snaps" followed by my screams. Thankfully the nerves became a little dead towards the end and I just gasped as they hit. She must have realized I was not hurting so much so she stepped behind me to forehand then backhand my tender inner thighs to bring back the screams as the pain doubled.

She moved in front of me and waited for my sobs to subside then said,

"You are in a lot of pain aren't you?"

"Oh yes!" I sobbed, My butt and thighs are on fire!"

"I suppose you want to welsh on your bet and chicken out."

I was really tempted. No-one had ever hit me that hard and the pain had been too much to overcome with sexual excitement. I still had sixteen to go but the smirk on her face from being so sure I would beg to make her stop would not let me quit.

"No. I can take it but please don't hit so hard."

"Good. I wasn't going to let you off anyway. I just wanted to hear you beg. I'll hit a little easier but they will all be on your front."

She stepped back and swung the whip acroos my belly-button. It was not as hard and my muscles were so tight it just bounced off without taking my breath leaving a burn from side to side.

She began a pattern of leaving just above then below the last welts to redden every inch of my stomach as they crept up to my breasts and down to my crotch.

I got caught up in the excitement especially when she did not hit as hard. The pattern stopped at the first lash on my breasts. The pain increased as my breasts jumped violently from the whip causing me to scream. The audience went nuts watching my breasts jump under the lash which encouraged her to keep hitting them from the sides as well as the front to keep them jumping and burning. Amazingly in spite of the extra pain it excited me.

She moved to my crotch putting them across my my hips at my pussy and my wide-spread legs allowed the center of the lashes to hit my pussy. That increased my excitement. I caught her cadence and pushed my hips forward to meet the lashes. I heard screams of excitement from the audience when they saw me straining to bring my pussy to the lash. She stepped directly in front of me and brought two more to my inner thighs tantalizingly close to my pussy then stopped!

She faced me with an excited look on her face swinging the whip back and forth vertically close to my pussy and said, "Are you ready."

I knew she planned to hit directly on my open pussy drooling with juice from my excitement. I wanted the pain!

"Yes! Yes! Do it!"

She swung the whip like a soft ball pitcher to bring a burn from my anus and up as a thong hit directly on my clit. I began fantastic orgasms and pumped forward to meet the lashes until I spaced out and just hung which made her stop as everyone yelled and applauded.

That was the last straw for them. They grabbed their partners to have sex. To my surprise and delight Sandra dropped to her knees to eat my pussy. Then Jon went behind me to put his dick in my ass while Sandra's husband got behind her to fuck her from behind.

It turned into a mass orgy. A lot of them swapped partners. I really felt proud and loved when one of the men offered to swap and Jon said, "No thanks. No-one can compare with my girl."

That started something. At the next party most of the men asked Jon when they came in if there would be another whipping scene. He just smiled and said, "I have what I think is a great idea. I'll explain later."

We began to drink and even snorted some cocaine. There were ten girls and we congregated together to talk while the men discussed investments and told each other dirty jokes.

The girls told me they had experimented with spankings and even being hit with belts all over. Some of them said it excited them and the others said it just hurt but it was worth it since it made their men so excited they would do just about anything for them afterward. We were getting pretty high when Jon tapped his glass with a spoon to get our attention to announce.

We are going to have a poker game. The men are playing for money and the five winners will give the five winners of your game a thousand dollar gift certificate at the store of your choice.

You girls will be playing for clothes. You may start with all the clothes you want but if you lose them all. You will get five lashes for each article you lose. Naturally you are more likely to win if you have a lot of clothes to lose but you also risk a lot of lashes if you lose. If the prospect scares you I would suggest just wearing a pair of panties so you will only get five spanks. Joy has an elaborate wardrobe so you can put on as many things as you want. While you are thinking that over I will explain the game."