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The rest of us just hit each other at the right speed and force to become terrifically excited.

Finally they were getting cuts and bruises so Marie made peace by hitting very easy then going down on Sandra till she had several explosive orgasms. Sandra responded in kind even going down on her which I knew she hated and from then on we all shared lashes trying to bring on the most excitement with the pain possible.

One night I had won but after giving thirty lashes to the girls I felt a terrible need to feel them myself and said, "You men are being left out. Please give me thirty lashes."

To my surprise the other winners agreed with me and also volunteered. The men loved it. Especially when the losers would suck their dicks while they whipped the winners.

From that point on there was no need to play the games. We would just draw lots to see which of us would be whipped by girls and which by men. In turn we were allowed to set the number of lashes we needed to get to whatever point of excitement we wished to reach by just saying, "Mercy," when we wanted to switch over to being fucked or sucked.

We also began using the dungeon so the girls could choose their method of bondage. Some liked to be stretched by winches on tables or in the air. Some liked to prove their courage by just holding onto something without any attempt to avoid the lash.

I tried them all but found the most satisfaction came from simply kneeling or standing with my hands behind my head so I could enjoy all the compliments on my bravery while I watched my tits and pussy being yanked out of position by the whip or strap in a mirror on the wall I always faced to see my skin becoming a deep red as the heat and pain increased.

All of us girls developed great bodies since it was a natural reflex to tighten our muscles in anticipation of a lash combined with the tension applied when we were bound in positions that strained the muscles.

We were very proud of them and enjoyed going to the beaches to glory in the admiring stares of the men and boys at the beach.

This led Jon to suggest we go enmasse to a strip club to enter their amateur nude dance contest. We girls were all for it but some of the men objected because it was so sleazy.

They finally agreed with the provision we would have to make them proud of our performance by winning the contest. if we did not win a prize we would get fifty lashes. This was not really a deterrent since we all had become to love the excitement of the lash so we all agreed.

Then we got the bad news. The lashes would be put on ten at a time slowly spaced with a break between sets and we were to take them unbound in the position of their choice. There was also a gamble involved. We would have to pick a card turned face down. If we got an ace the ten lashes would fall on our pussies, a king would be for breasts, a queen for our inner thighs and a jack for our butts. If we were really unlucky all of them could end up hitting an area especially sensitive. We were all different on this. I hated my inner thighs being hit because it hurt awful without being directly connected to sex while other girls hated having their breasts hit.

We agreed that this method was really mean since the men had heard us discuss the fact that the first ten or fifteen hurt a lot but after that the combination of rising excitement and numbing of the nerves just brought on orgasms.

The men that did not like the idea of their girls dancing nude in front of other men told us to take it or leave it.

We were all so vain we could not imagine not winning although we knew there were only three prizes so at least two of us would be getting punishment.

They took us to the club with reminders to avoid being lewd and slutty.

While watching the regular dancers it became obvious we could never win by being lady-like. The girls that simply danced no matter how professional they looked got hardly any applause. The girls that got whistles and applause were the ones that did the splits or spread their legs to open their pussies and played with themselves.

We were between a rock and a hard place. If we did not get lewd we could not win but if we got lewd and still did not win we knew our men would be extra severe.

That quandary solved itself. There were hundreds of men at this club which was much larger than the one I had been in while at Vancouver and it was so exciting to hear their applause we all would do anything to get the whistles and stomping feet.

I think the contest was fixed. Only Sandra won a prize and that was third. It was obvious most of the girls were professionals and two of them won in spite of boo's from the audience.

To make matters worse it was very late when we got home so our punishments were put off till the next night which gave us a lot of time to dread our ordeal with the excitement of dancing forgotten.

Our ordeal seemed to last forever because we did it one at a time knowing that it would be pure pain with no chance of excitement or orgasm. If that was not bad enough they decided that since Sandra had won she would be able to do the whipping. That ruined any chance of our men taking pity on us and hitting easy.

We cut cards to see who would be first to last. I got high card so I was last but that just gave me more time to dread the coming ordeal and also meant that I would end up as the finale. I knew Sandra would make that especially severe. Then we drew a card to determine where we would be hit. Ace would be pussy, King would be breasts. Queen would be inner thighs and Jack would be our butt.

At the last minute Jon said that he expected us to be brave and that if we moved out of position or tried to cover up the count would go back to "One". We also had to count our lashes and if we said the wrong number we also had to go back to one.

I found out how serious they were about this rule when Marie drew her card. I thought she was lucky because she drew the jack to get them on her butt. Sandra just had her bend over and hold on to her ankles. Then brought the whip across her cheeks. Sandra counted aloud to ten then hit her again. Marie screamed, "Two" then braced herself for the next as it came closer and closer listening to Sandra count. On the fifth one Sandra brought the whip down over Marie's back causing the ends of the whip to hit the tender area at the bottom of her butt close to her asshole. She fell forward and Sandra laughed and said, "We are back to square one."

Marie cried and begged but the men just said she knew the rules so she had to take fifteen slowly spaced lashes that could only bring pain.

At the end she was crying and sobbing as she ran to her husband to be consoled and salve put on her butt.

The next girl picked the king. In a way she was lucky because Sandra had very sensitive breasts so did not hit that area so hard. She had her kneel then put her hands behind her head while Sandra hit directly across them to make her breasts compress then pop back out reddened for the next.She also ran crying for consolation when it was over.

The next girl drew the ace. Sandra threw a the sofa pillows on the floor to have her sit on them to lift her pussy up from the floor then had her lie back with her legs pulled up and spread by her hands on her ankles. She was sobbing before she was even hit knowing how vulnerable her open pussy was. Sandra stood over her head then brought the whip down centered on the girl's open gash. She screamed and brought her legs together. This brought on a discussion as to whether or not that meant the lash did not count. They finally decided to start over