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Marie thought that was unfair as she could have got back in position before Sandra counted to ten but had to admit she had made no effort to get back and in fact Sandra had been forced to pull her legs back open.

In spite of the delays the girl managed to get excited which was obvious from the fact the whip became wet from the juices escaping from the open slit.

Rather than running for consolation she sat between her husbands legs to furiously rub her clitoris with her finger while he squeezed her breasts and pulled on the nipples until she sighed with orgasm.

Then it was my turn. It was my worst nightmare. I had to stand in front of her with my legs spread while she hit my inner thighs just below my pussy. It took all my will power to hold them open for the whole ordeal. I think Jon finally realized how bad this was when I ran to him crying because he knew I could normally take a lot of pain.

I explained that ten hard ones spaced out brought nothing but pain with no hope of having excitement over-ride the pain and allow an orgasm.

He talked to the other men and decided that if any of the girls preferred it they could just draw four cards at once and take the last forty all at once. If we decided on that we would just do one girl a night so Sandra would not be worn out. Another concession was that we could be tied for them so we would not have to worry about starting over.

We all readily agreed both because we might be able to get to orgasm that way and also might have put off the ordeal for as long as four days.

We cut the cards to see who would be first. I won or lost. I was not sure which at the time. They took all the cards except the aces, kings, queens, and jacks out of the deck and spread the remainder on the table for me to pick out four.

God! I drew two aces and two queens. All the lashes would fall on my most sensitive parts and I was sure Sandra would pick a position to make it easy for her to make them really hurt.

Sandra asked me if I wanted to be tied. "Oh yes please! I could never stand still for all these lashes."

I thought this would just mean my legs would be tied apart but she planned something more elaborate. She led me to our dungeon then had me lie on the floor to tighten leather belts to my upper thighs close to my pussy. Then she tied ropes to the belts and raised me up until my pussy was at the level of her shoulders. I was really puzzled because this kept my legs tightly together leaving no access to my inner thighs or pussy.

She solved the puzzle when she tied ropes to hooks in the floor and asked Jon and his friend to pull down on my ankles till I looked like a letter "T". I was hanging upside down doing the splits with all my weight on the leather around my thighs and my legs open so wide I was afraid my hips would dislocate. Unfortunately this position fascinated everyone so I had to hang there while they marvelled at the way my pussy was gaping open and although I had only been hanging a few minutes my body was trembling from the strain.

Finally I was begging for her to start the whipping so I could be taken down.

Oh God! It lasted forever. She would bring the lash back behind her head then let it crash down on me. the first lash hit my inner thigh just a few inches from my pussy making a loud "Splat!" and causing a terrible burn. She counted to ten then brought down another almost touching my pussy that made me scream. I fought my bonds knowing the next would be on my pussy and having to dread it while she counted to ten. Then it hit! The pain was unreal and I screamed then began to blubber waiting for the next. One of the thongs hit my clitoris. It felt as if it had been hit with a white hot metal rod. I think I might have passed out but I did not have that luxury with my head down and my head full of blood. It went on and on. She never got more than six inches away from my pussy. Amazingly the pain got so unbearable it became bearable as the nerves became numb and my excitement began to overcome the pain. Sandra must have known because now even the lashes that should have landed on my thighs were put close enough for the edge thongs to hit the lips and the ones to my pussy were aimed dead center to my open gash.

It soon became obvious to everyone that I was in orgasm by the way I was gasping and pulsating. One of the men yelled,"Jesus! She is getting off on this! Look! The whip is getting sopping wet from her cum!"

It was true. When Sandra finally finished and I was let down I was so exhausted I fell into a deep sleep and did not wake up until the next morning.

This time I did not wake up without pain. My thighs and pussy were badly bruised and ached all day. Actually I was amazed it was not covered with scabs. I swore I was bleeding while it was going on but the liquid I had felt running down the crack of my butt must have just been juice from my pussy.

None of the other girls were as unlucky as me. at most they got just ten to their pussies with the rest over other areas. This meant they only had to be tied standing legs spread so Sandra could get to all the places.

Even though my ordeal was awful it was worth it because watching the other girls get whipped made Jon super horny so he could fuck me at least twice after each spectacle. As an extra reward for not begging them to quit or screaming "Mercy." he promised to take me to the Carnival in Rio.

Rio was great for exhibitionists. There was a huge nude beach and the girls in the parade were almost all topless with the briefest possible panties that only hid their slit.

I had become so proud of my body from the compliments from Jon's friends it should have been heaven for me. Actually it was disappointing. I was only one of hundreds of nude girls and received little attention. After an hour or so I became bored and suggested we do some sight seeing.

We stopped at a few shops wher Jon bought me some more gold jewelry then he went into an art gallery. I was not really interested but I wandered around while he looked at paintings. There was a ton of Christ on the cross statues but one at the back of the store caught my attention since unlike all the others it was painted to look lifelike.

I walked back to it and saw it was not Christ at all. It was a girl with a great body hanging from her wrists from a cross. She was as tall as me and had a similar body. There were whipmarks across her entire front and a few marks on her breasts and crotch were oozing blood. I looked closer to see her torso was being supported by a peg in the upright pole about the size of a broomstick. Her pussy lips were all pooched out from being wrapped around the peg and there was a wrinkle at the top of her slit indicating the pressure on her pussy. I looked down to see her legs were being held open by manacles at the end of a pipe and weights like the cannon balls we had seen were attached to the end of the pipe. I looked up to see a look of agony on her face and crystal tear drops glued to her cheeks. It was so lifelike I reached out to touch it almost expecting it to be soft and warm.

I stood there fascinanted as I imagined the sting and tingle of her welts on my body when I was startled by Jon's voice.

"Oh there you are. Are you ready to go?"

I said softly, "Oh god. Jon look at this. It is so lifelike and so exciting."

"Yeah. It looks real. And it looks like you."

Then the owner came up to say, "I hope it doesn't offend you. I told Juan to put it in the back room. The church told me it was blasphhemous and I should destroy it."

I said, "No it is beautiful."

Jon said, "It looks something like my wife. How much do you want for it?"

He said two thousand but Jon knew the church was very influential and proceeded to bargain. I was offended. I wanted it at any price. They finally agreed on seven hundred and fifty.