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The owner said, "While I get shipping instructions you may like to see some other nudes. He opened a door and turned on a light to reveal rows of nude women. I was not interested in most carved from marble or stone in conventional poses. I saw some of black women draped over barrels with lash marks but I could not relate to them and then I found one by the same artist and model that looked even more like me. She was posed kneeling with her knees open and her hands behind her back. There were no lash marks but she had an expression of fear and excitement on her face I recognized from seeing myself in the bedroom mirror in that pose.

Jon came in and took one look then said, "Get into that pose." I wasn't naked in my shorts and halter but I got into it.

The owner said in wonderment, "My God. Your wife could have been the model. Except this was made years ago."

Jon immediately asked what he wanted for it. This time he was not able to bargain the price down much since the pose was suitable to be seen in public. He bought it anyway then the owner recognizing Jon's interest in sadism said we might be interested in "Club Diablo" on down the street. We proceeded on down the street almost missing the club which was only marked with it's name on a door of a big brick building.

Jon and I went in and Jon spoke to a man sitting at a desk in Spanish, I couldn't understand a word. Then Jon took out his billfold and passport to show to the man. Finally he gave the man a hundred dollars and was given a card.

We went back out in the street and Jon said, "They must put on a hell of a show. I had to prove I was not a cop to join their club. It will start at nine o'clock."

I said that I was anxious to see it then he revealed another requirement. "Women are only allowed in if they are naked and bound. Do you still want to go?"

"Oh yes! It sounds much more exciting than the nude beach."

We had two hours to kill so we went to a nice restaurant for dinner and drinks but I was too excited to eat very much and mostly just drank wine.

We went to the club early at about eight thirty to get good seats. Jon showed his card and we went through a door to be met by two big men who were obviously bouncers. One of them said something to me in Spanish. I didn't understand and Jon said, "He wants you to raise your hands above your head."

I stretched up my arms and the man pulled my halter up and off me while the other man pulled off my shorts and panties. Then they pulled my hands behind me to tie my wrists with a soft rope and finally wrapped rope around my elbows to pull them tight. It was uncomfortable but the ropes forced me to push out my breasts to make them look great.

They opened another door and we were led into a brightly lit auditorium. We were met with applause and I looked around to see only two other women naked and bound like me. It was much better than the nude beach. Now I was again the center of attention as we were led to a small table with only one chair. The other women made it plain I was to kneel by Jon's leg.

A waitress came over dressed only in steel chains. One chain was wrapped around the base of her breasts to make them hard balls then padlocked together at her back. Another chain fit tightly around her waist while a third chain ran between her butt cheeks and into her pussy slit to make the lips pooch out and hooked to her waist chain. Jon ordered drinks in spanish.

When she came back she set down the drinks then handed Jon a whip made by braiding several leather bootlaces together to make a handle and said something to him.

I asked him what she had said and he told me, "The whip is to whip you in case I become bored waiting for the show."

The thought made my juices flow. There were hundreds of strange men. It would be the huge audience I had fantasized about. I said excitedly, "Do it! Let them all know I am your slave."

He had me stand up to face them then went behind me so as not to obstruct their view. The audience began to applaud and yell. The whip began coming around to sting one breast and then the other. It was just exciting with easily bearable pain. He hit them about twenty times then stopped. I stood there trembling with excitement and breathing hard as tingles from my boobs seemed to travel down my stomach.

The men began yelling a short phrase over and over. My voice quavered as I asked what they were saying. He said, "They want me to hit your pussy. Nod your head so they know you agree."

I nodded my head to thunderous applause then he tapped my ankles with his foot to have me open my legs. The whip began coming up between my legs to snap against my pussy and drag back for the next lash. By about the twentieth I had an orgasm so strong I sank to my knees in exhaustion for even more applause.

The two other men not to be out done also whipped their girls but it was anti-climatic after my performance. One girl seemed to be excited by it like me but the dark haired one cried all through it. Her man even had to slap her face to get her to open her legs for her pussy whipping.

Shortly after that the house lights dimmed and the stage lit up.

In the first act a really pretty girl came out and did a striptease then put ping pong balls into her pussy which somehow she was able to shoot out at the audience. I thought it was amazing but the audience had been jaded by our whipping and booed her off the stage. I felt sorry for her as in a regular club it would have been applauded.

The stage lights dimmed then an announcer appeared in a spotlight. He jabbered away in spanish. Jon looked amazed and I asked him what was said.

"Wow. This club must have some real political clout. The girls being brought out are convicts at the local prison. They are having a whipping contest. The winner will be pardoned while the loser will be sent back to jail.It will go on until one of them is unconscious."

Two naked girls were brought out with a six foot chain going from one girls right ankle to the other girls left. The center of the chain was padlocked to a ring in the floor then they were given tightly braided whips that tapered to a point.

The girls circled around warily until the audience began booing and stomping their feet. One girl swung her whip and it was obvious how bad the whips were when the tip cut across the girls stomach to bring blood. The other girl struck back and from then on they didn't try to aim they just hit as hard and fast as they could to leave cuts on their breasts, crotches and even their faces. It was brutal. When one of the girls fell to the floor unconscious from the terrible pain the other kept hitting her on her pussy until the men grabbed her whip and held up her hand as winner to thunderous applause. Both girls were bleeding from several cuts that would leave terrible scars. The lights dimmed as they were carried off stage.

The announcer came back out and started talking. Jon told me that we were to see the initiation of a virgin.

The stage lights brightened then two naked men with huge dicks began dragging out a nude crying girl. She was just a baby! Not over eight years old since she just had budding breasts and only wispy hair on her pussy. She was forced to her knees then one of the men said something to her. She shook her head cryng louder. The one who had talked to her grabbed her arms to hold her and then the other man began hitting her ass with a riding quirt. He stopped long enough for the man to say something to the girl who just nodded her head as she cried.

Then she startted licking and sucking on his dick until it was not going to get sny harder. She was turned to do the same thing to the other man.

The first man lifted her off her feet to hug her to his chest while the other man spread her pussy and directed the head into it. The man holding her let her slide down his chest to force in his dick. I was amazed it could fit. She screamed horribly as it slid in then sobbed as he lifted her ass to make her go up and down on it. But that was not the worst. The other man went behind her to drive his dick into her tiny anus to bring even louder screams and struggles that only helped him bury his dick.