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He was right in some ways. We both wore the satiated expression from the ultimate orgasm and had relaxed our arms to let all our weight rest on the peg but I was only red while she had skinny dark red welts with some oozing blood.

I said hesitantly, We don't look exactly alike. I am just red while she has skinny welts that must have hurt more.

"Yeah. He must have used the same kind of whip the girls used in the show. That would be too much for you."

I realized later he was just trying to be kind but I took it as an affront to my courage.

I said defiantly, "No it wouldn't. At least not if I was excited enough from the peg and the lighter ones first."

He stared at the statue and I saw a lump rising in his pant but then he surprised me by saying, "No way. Our whips are too thick to cut you. You would just get terrible bruises."

"Maybe we could shop for a skinny whip."

"There is no "We" I am not going to be blamed for scarring you. If you want that you are on your own."

He evidentally did not think of his initials on my pussy as scars. I said, "Only the ones that cut would scar and there are only four of them. One on her breasts, one below the belly button, and two across her pussy. No-one could see them when I have clothes."

"You are really serious about this aren't you."

"Oh yes. I could imagine I am protecting you from evil spies."

"Well I am not going to get a whip that will cut you."

He revealed his hypocracy though by giving me his gold card and saying, "Here go shopping. It will take your mind off it."

We both knew I would be shopping for the whip.

Since I would be shopping in sex shops I thought it would be appropriate to look like a hooker. I put on a thin spandex micro dress that hugged my boobs and made the nipples show and showed off my tiny waist and round bottom. At the last moment I decided to leave off my panties even though all I had were g-string types that barely hid my slit.

I called a taxi and had him take me to the sleazy part of town that had all the sex shops. I was surprised we didn't have a wreck since the driver watched me in the rear view mirror as chuckholes made my boobs shudder.

The first shop just had sexy costumes, sex tapes, and an assortment of dildos and vibrators. I wasn't interested in them so moved on.

The second shop was more of the same but it had a man clerk and we were alone so I got a kick out of bending over to look at tapes on lower racks to let him see the bottom curve of my butt and maybe my pussy. I walked over to him letting my heels hit hard to jiggle my boobs to enjoy his wide eyes. I was beginning to think all the shops were the same and said, "Don't you have any S & M stuff. You know. Like whips and things."

He looked at me suspiciously and said, "Are you a vice cop? That stuff is illegal in Seattle."

"Oh no. Here is my purse. You can check my I.D."

He looked through it. Then said, "This doesn't mean anything. Cops have their badges and I.D. in a separate case they can hide. Can I pat you down to look for it?"

That was ridiculous. In my costume I couldn't hide anything but the idea of this strange handsome man feeling me appealed to me.

I said, "Okay. If you have to."

He came around the counter and ran his hands down my back and over my butt cheeks then came around to my front and lifted my right boob to feel under it and then did the same to my left one. It seemed extra exciting since someone could walk into the store at any time to see us.

Since I did not object he became bolder and ran his hands up my inner thighs until his thumbs pressed against my pussy. I made a little gasp then he pulled up my skirt with one hand and cupped my pussy with the other to drive in his middle finger as if I could hide a folder inside my vagina. Then he pulled back his hand to look at my pussy. He must have seen the initials because he said, "You reallly are into S & M."

He left me standing there trembling while he went to the door to lock it and put up a closed sign.

Then he came back and said "I have your things in the back room. I have to be careful. Vice would confiscate everything plus fine me."

He led me over to a door and into a huge backroom. The walls were full of things. Cuffs with chains, all kinds of clamps to be put on nipples or pussy, winches to stretch someone, and on the back wall a large collection of whips, straps of leather and rubber and paddles.

I was overwhelmed and began imagining them all hitting me. Then I saw the ideal one. It was about four feet long and just one skinny strand of leather. He picked out a thong whip and seemed impressed when I shakily said, "I have one of those. I want that one."

He picked up the whip I pointed out and said, "I don't think you want this one. It is just spring wire wrapped in thin leather. It can cut you if used too hard and hurts bad even easy."

"I still think I want it."

"Well okay but it costs a hundred dollars and we don't take returns. I have others that are almost as mean."

"Well maybe you should try it out on me."

"You mean I should hit you with it?"

"Yes but just easy."

"Okay. Do you want to bend over or what?"

His eyes bugged when I unzipped the dress and pulled it over my head. I stood sideways to him and said, Give me an easy one on my butt."

He did hit easy but it really stung. I gasped but I knew no-one else would hit that easy and I said, "Another. Just a little harder."

That stung more than anything I had ever felt. I turned to face him with tears in my eyes and rubbed my butt cheeks frantically to spread the sting and tingle.

He must have thought I was through because he started to hang up the whip. I said, "No. Wait. Try one across my tummy. Right here just like the last one."

I ran my finger across my tummy between my belly button and slit just like the one on my statue.

He had me turn sideways to him and told me to put my hands on my head.

He placed it perfectly the sting was fierce but then tingles seemed to run all through my body. I shuddered and moaned, "Now one across my breasts."

He brought it across to hit both nipples!

The sting was horrendous and I made a little scream but then the tingles seemed to race through my body to converge on my clit.

I rubbed my boobs and tummy as I said, "Oh God that stings! But it is making tingles race through my whole body."

I looked into a little mirror on the wall to see a red line about the width of a pencil acroos my boobs. I looked down to see one like it on my tummy.

"Oh God. My husband will shit when he sees these. He will know I let someone hit me."

"No I can get rid of them. Come back here"

He evidentally lived in the store. The room had a bed, stove and refrigerator with a small bathroom. He went into the bathroom and brought out a bottle. He had me lie on the bed then began massaging my butt welts with some oil out of the bottle. It felt wonderful. He had me turn over and started working on the welt across my boobs. It seemed to increase the tingle and I became excited. When he startted on the welt on my tummy he used his left hand to keep caressing my tits. Suddenly he said, "Does this excite you as much as it does me?"

"Oh yes! Fuck me!"

I was relieved when he put on a condom. My main fear was bringing AIDS home to Jon.

Either he naturally could last a long time or the reduced sensitivity of the condom helped. He fucked me both missionary a doggy style which gave me a great orgasm. We laid there covered with our sweat when he got up to get a hand mirror to show me the welts had already sunk and were now just pink. He said in an hour no-one will know you have been whipped. This is great stuff. Would you like some?"