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I was determined to convince him that I could make him happier than his girl friend. As soon as we were in the limo I said, "I have been thinking about what you said about your wife. I can understand why she was happy to do anything to please you. I want to prove that I can please you too. I will do anything you want. If I even hesitate in granting your request you can spank me with your belt."

"Oh really. In that case take off your clothes. It is a long ride to the restaurant and it will be more interesting if you are naked."

"Jon! There are cars all around us. They will see me."

"No. They can't see through the black windows and you are hesitating."

"I'm sorry. I'll do it, I was afraid we would be arrested."

When I was naked he told me to lay across his lap. I laid on my stomach thinking he wanted to spank me but he told me to turn over.

When I laid across his lap face up he began to play with my breasts and pussy. I began to get excited and asked him if he was going to spank me but he said we could take care of that later.

I was embarrassed again when we got to the restaurant because the driver turned around in his seat to watch me get dressed.

The restaurant had private rooms for dining and after he had ordered he told me to get naked again. I argued that the waiter would see me but he just said they were used to it and reminded me I was hesitating. I spent the whole dinner blushing. He had ordered an eight course dinner and several different waiters came in to bring the courses and refill our glasses. when the first waiter came in I put my hands over my breasts and squeezed my legs together to hide my pussy but he did not like that and told me to keep my hands behind my back and my legs open when the waiters came in. I eventually became more used to being nude even though Jon and everyone else was fully clothed. When the waiter came in with the bill and told Jon he had a beautiful wife, I was pleased when Jon did not correct him.

We went to a beautiful hotel. I undressed in our room and braced myself for the expected spanking but it never came. He had me undress him then suck his cock till he was hard then we made love till we went to sleep.

In the morning he said I needed some daytime clothes so he took me to expensive stores and had me stand naked in the dressing room while the sales girls put clothes on me. Again they did not seem to think this was unusual. He thought white looked good against my tan skin and bought a couple of expensive cashmere sweaters and a white silk skirt slit up the sides and a leather skirt. He also bought an uplift bra that just pushed up the under side of my breasts leaving the nipples bare.

We had lunch and then I assumed we would be going home since he said I made him horny and kept telling me how pretty I was or how wonderfully I moved. Once he even walked behind me so he could watch my bare ass move under the tight skirt.

He had one more shop he wanted to stop at. It was a sex shop and I was embarrassed again. I had seen them before but always walked by them fast or on the other side of the street so no-one would think I had been in there.

I blushed while he picked out crotch-less panties and bra's with holes cut out of the cups to let the nipples stick out. The man salesclerk kept grinning at me. In embarrassment I had my head down and never saw the leather bra and panties he bought.

He led me to the back of the store and mortified me by saying, "Joy has been naughty and wants me to punish her. What would you suggest."

The clerk grinned at me again and picked a whip off the wall with leather thongs about a half-inch wide coming out of the handle and said, "This is nice. It stings and burns but does not leave welts."

Jon turned to me and said, "Do you think you would like this whip?"

I mumbled "Yes." but he said he didn't hear me so I raised my head and said, "I will like it if you do."

He said we would take it then the clerk said, "If she has been really naughty she may need this. It does leave some nasty welts."

Jon handed it to me and said, "What do you think about this?"

I felt it. It was made of tightly braided leather thongs and I shuddered to imagine what it would feel like but I said, "I guess it would be best if I am really naughty."

Jon stepped behind me and lifted the front of my skirt. I blushed again because I knew the clerk could see my pussy.

Jon said in my ear, "You should try it to see if it is too much. Spread your legs and hit the inside of your thigh with it."

I whimpered, "Hard?"

"Yes of course. If you are naughty you will be hit hard."

I sobbed then brought it above my head and hit my inner thigh from my crotch to my knee. The pain was horrendous! I had never felt anything like it. I screamed then said, "Oh Jon, it is terrible!"

"It should be terrible if you are really naughty. Shouldn't it?"

The thought of being hit with that really scared me but when the clerk said, "It is probably too much for her. A girl has to be brave to take it." My pride made me blurt out, "Yes it should hurt. Please get it for me."

I felt proud the smirk left the clerk's face when he said, "You are a lucky man to have a girl so brave but even brave girls have trouble standing still for it, you may like these."

He picked up some padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs and put them on my wrists. I don't know if I was trying to fool myself or what but I thought of myself hung up while he fucked me rather than whip me and said excitedly, "Yes! These would hold me without chafing me. May I have them!"

Jon laughed and said, "Of course. You can have anything you want."

The clerk held up a whip with a bunch of leather shoe strings coming out of a handle.

"This is for when she is good. It is called a pussy whip and just stings enough to bring on marvelous orgasms. My wife will beg me to use it on her. Would you like to try it?"

I looked around and the store was empty except for a few men at the far end looking at magazines so I said, "Jon. Would you like to see it used on me?"

"Yes. Definitely!"

He pulled my wrists behind my back and snapped the cuffs together then pulled up my skirt to my waist. The clerk began slapping it against my pussy!

It was true! The whip didn't hurt much. It just stung a little and I felt my pussy getting hot. I spread my legs a little then closed my eyes as these incredible sensations began to course through my body. I realized I was being hit harder as the "Slaps" became louder and the sting increased but that just seemed to add to the excitement.I spread my legs even more and began moving my hips back and forth in cadence to meet the whip. I must have opened my legs further because the sensations began to concentrate on my clitoris. Suddenly a hard one hit right on my clitoris. My eyes snapped open at the pain and I saw the men who had been looking at magazines standing behind the clerk staring at me while they rubbed their dicks under their pants. I was too far gone to care. I was on the edge of getting a crashing orgasm and just continued to push out my pussy to meet the lash till I seemed to explode inside and went limp in Jon's arms.

He put me in a chair while he paid for everything. I just sat there taking deep breaths as I felt tingling and little aftershocks coming from my pussy.

Jon took me out to the car and had me lean forward to take off my cuffs, then said, "That was quite an exhibition you put on. Look at your pussy."

I pulled up my skirt and looked at it. It was real red but didn't hurt. It just tingled. When I touched it I found it was real warm and super sensitive. Suddenly I realized what a slut I had been in the store and began to cry.