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I realized just how dependent I was on him when I got the deposit and realized I had a total of seventy five dollars in cash, no job, no recommendation from my employer to help me get another, no clothes suitable to work in, and no place to live if he tired of me.

Just as that reality set in to frighten me he said,

"It just occurred to me that we have not tried the thong whip. It may give you orgasms like the pussy whip. Would you like to try it?"

"I thought I would just be whipped or spanked if you were unhappy with me?"

"I will be unhappy if you do not get on your knees and beg me to whip you."

This was the first time I knew that no matter how much I pleased him I could not avoid pain. I was confused by my feelings about that. I was beginning to enjoy being his total slave and also was excited by the prospect of being whipped. Even my terrible spanking evoked memories of my fantastic orgasms after it was over rather than the pain.

I dropped to my knees and looked up at him with tears trickling down my cheeks to say, "Please whip me as much as you want."

"Very good. On your butt of course."


"And on your breasts"

"Oh that will hurt a lot won't it?"


"Please whip my breasts."

"And your pussy?"

"Oh God.. Yes that too."

He smiled at me then took my hand to lead me toward the room with the swimming pool then opened a door into another large room. It was a simulated dungeon like the ones I had seen in horror movies. There were stone walls with manacles and chains on the walls with all kinds of furniture with winches to stretch the body, a large cross for crucifixion, a heavy "X" shaped frame, and all kinds of leather harnesses. I shuddered as I remembered what had happened to people in this room in the horror movies.

"This was my wife's favorite room. She asked me to build it since in spite of her fantastic courage she could not always remain in position for the pain. She said that she could become excited just by being in here to touch things and be reminded of the orgasms she had earned from pain."

I could understand that. I had him hang my whips on the wall in the bedroom because just seeing them kept me in a state of excitement.

"I think you have requested more pain than you can accept while staying in position. I think it will be best to have you in bondage. What do you think?"

It was perfect timing. Wearing the manacles while having my pussy whipped in front of strangers had brought on a dream where I was hung up naked in front of a crowd of people. I awakened so excited I fondled and sucked Jon's dick until he woke to make love to me.

"Oh yes! It will be better for me not to have to think about staying still. I can just concentrate on the sensations.

He led me to the center of the room and put padded manacles on my wrists then went to the wall to press a button that made the ropes slowly lift my arms. I braced myself to be lifted off the floor but when my arms got tight enough to press them against my head he stopped. I felt utterly helpless and began to cry as I asked, "How many times will you hit me?"

He smiled then came over to kiss me and fondle my trembling body. "That is up to you. When you are ready say 'butt, or tits, or pussy' and then say 'Now' to let me know you are ready for another lash."

I realized this was to be another test and stood there a moment working up my courage while he idly slapped the thongs against my stomach till I said "Butt. Now"

It didn't hurt that much! Just a sting and heat. I said "Now," again then as my excitement built up began to say it faster till I was ready to say "Breasts. Now!" This hurt a little more but I watched them compress and bounce in awe as they seemed to swell, and heat from them seemed to travel down my body to my pussy. He covered every inch of them till they were completely red and swollen while I said "Now," faster and faster till I wanted to feel the lash on my pussy. I moaned, "Pussy. Now." This was even more exciting and I said "Now" faster then "Harder" and finally "Yes! Yes! Yes!" till I went into a tremendous orgasm and he dropped his pants and jammed his dick into my pussy to slide against my sweat drenched body. I brought my legs around his butt and tried to squeeze all of him into me till my orgasms became so intense I went limp and let my legs slide off of him to hang by my wrists.

He went over to push the button and I just let myself collapse to the floor panting to get my breath.

He unhooked my manacles and carried me over to put me into the cool water of the swimming pool. I just stood there dazed until he said, "You were marvelous. I was beginning to think I would be worn out before you were ready to stop."

"Jon. I am afraid. I came from the whipping! That isn't normal to want pain. I think I am going crazy. Even now I don't hurt, I just feel tingly."

"Oh look at me. I am really red and I did it to myself."

"You aren't crazy. Most women are stimulated by pain. They just don't know it because they have never had the opportunity to be lashed."

"Really! I am still scared because toward the end I wanted more and more pain. I am afraid I may ask to be hurt very badly when I get so excited I can't think."

"That is my job. I don't want you to be hurt badly either. I will protect you."

Later I could hardly believe what I had done next. This man had really hurt the most sensitive parts of my body and in spite of that I hugged and kissed him and even thanked him for the thrilling experience. I had him sit on the edge of the pool and sucked his dick till he came in my mouth then savored his cum before I swallowed it and thanked him again.

Naturally since I had performed well for him it was time for my treat. He took me to a women's store to buy a dress of my choice. Since he had tested me I decided to test him and chose a silk dress that was very expensive. He paid for it with no comment indicating to me that he was very pleased with me. He took me to a nice restaurant so I could show off my new dress and when we got home he had me suck him till he was hard then fucked me in my pussy then in my ass while he used his fingers to get me off by rubbing my clit. He held me in his arms making me feel loved and protected till I went to sleep.

The next day he decided he wanted me younger. He put my hair in a ponytail and told me to just wear pale lipstick as makeup. To complete the picture he wrapped elastic bandage around my breasts to make them smaller and shaved all the hair off my pussy again. Then he dressed me in cutoff jeans and a t-shirt tied in the middle to show my flat stomach, bobby sox and sneakers. I felt and looked about twelve years old.

He flew us to Vancouver B.C and took me to their amusement park. I had not been to one for years and I really regressed. I sucked on a big lollipop while I walked around holding his hand while he put me on the merry-go round and other rides. I was as silly as any little kid giggling and squealing on the more exciting rides. He wore a business suit and really looked the part of a daddy entertaining his little daughter.

He really seemed to enjoy it when older ladies said he had a pretty daughter while I blushed at the compliment.

Late that afternoon he must have tired of the game. He drove me to town and parked in front of a club that said "Girls, Girl, Girls." He told me to take off the elastic bandage and wait for him in the car. He took my little purse with him with my I.D. and a polaroid he had taken of me naked that I had asked to keep since it made me look so good.