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In a few minutes he came back to say, "It is all set. Come with me."

He led me to a table a few feet from the stage. All the men looked at me strangely no doubt wondering what such a young girl was doing in there.

When we were seated he told me to watch the girls to see what they did to get the most applause from the audience because after a while I would be up there.

"Oh no. Please! You are the only man who has seen me naked. Since you shaved my pussy I will be completely naked."

"Are you refusing me?"

I backed down right away except for one last ditch effort to discourage it. "No! I'll do it if you really want me to but I thought you loved me. You should be jealous of all these strange men looking at my naked body and having lewd thoughts."

"No. If they are excited by you I will feel proud that I can have you while they can only look. Of course if you don't excite them I may decide I have poor taste in women."

I thought to myself that this was going to be another contest. If I didn't turn them on he could use that as an excuse to drop me.

I watched the girls and the audience avidly. The good news was that the dancing took very little talent since they just moved languidly with the music and since it had a hard beat that would not be hard. The bad news was that the only whistles and applause came when the girls did something particularly lewd.

Naturally I had not seen a show like this and hoped he would realize what a sacrifice I was making for him to be embarressed and humiliated in front of all those strange men. It didn't turn out to be much of a sacrifice.

Jon told me to go up and stand by the stage. When my name was announced I stepped up on it to applause. I was embarrassed and clumsy getting my clothes off but when I worked up enough nerve to look at the men watching me I found I was a hit. I didn't have to do anything really lewd to get applause. They loved my shaved pussy and just shaking my tits and opening my legs was enough to get whistles, yells and applause. I began to feel a sense of pride and power to make all of them excited.

I slipped on my shorts and t-shirt to rush back to our table while men gave me compliments and patted my butt on the way back.

I was elated at my success, "Jon they liked me! It wasn't so bad once I got used to it. Were you proud of me?"

I was disappointed he was not as excited as me.

"You did pretty good but a lot of your applause was because they had never seen you before. Let's see how it goes on the next dance."

By now it was nine o'clock and more girls came and they changed the format so we danced to two songs per time with a fairly fast song to get naked and shake to then a slower one the girls used to crawl around on the floor or simulate sex.

I danced six more times before they closed. He was right. Every dance had to be more lewd to get them excited, by the last dance I had already pulled out my nipples and spread the lips of my pussy to impress them. I had been told I could not put my fingers actually inside my pussy so in desperation to come up with something I was sure would work I borrowed Jon's belt and on the last dance I used it to spank my butt in time with the music. The yells and applause was deafening so I spanked my stomach and tits too. I got a little carried away. I really made myself red but it was worth it to go out with a bang. I almost felt sorry for the girls after me. I had made fifty dollars in tips on the last dance. They only got a few dollars.

It turned Jon on too! He hustled me out of the place to check into a hotel down the street and we fucked twice before we went to sleep.

The next morning he gushed on about how proud he was of me for exciting the men more than the more experienced girls. On the way home he put the plane on auto-pilot and we fucked with me sitting on his lap while he chewed on my nipples and spanked my butt with his hands.

My exhibition started something. The next night he told me that he had decided to have me put on a private show for his friends. That seemed particularly humiliating to me. At the club it seemed less personal since they were all strangers and I was separated from them by the stage. This would be for people who knew me and would be much more intimate. I had been able to convince myself at the club that I was an entertainer and had even elevated myself to "Star" status. Just doing it in our living room just made me feel like a whore or slut. I objected for these reasons but he quickly put me in my place by telling me that it was not important to him for me to enjoy myself. My task was simply to provide entertainment for him and his guests and the fact it would be humiliating to me and yet I would still do it would just add to his pleasure.I was hurt! I thought he had loved me and in my mind if a man loved me he would be jealous and want me all to himself. The fact he was willing to share me so intimately seemed to reduce me to just his toy.

He dressed me in panties, bra, slip, skirt, blouse, and high heeled shoes. He had two of his men friends come to our house and had me make drinks for them then sat around making small talk while I became more nervous and embarrassed when they would say I was pretty which just reminded me that I would soon be naked for them.

Then Jon took me aside to explain my show. I was to dance for awhile then go to them one by one so they could remove a piece of my clothing. To make it more demeaning I was to ask them to take them off by saying "Please Remove my blouse," or whatever.

To my shame by the time I was down to my panties and bra the fondling of my body when they took things off had me excited.

After I was naked he handed me the thong whip! He told me to whip myself with it in time with the music. I just slapped myself easy with it in time with the music but this was not good enough for them. Jon yelled, "No not like that! Do it like you did at the club." He put on a faster song to make me hit myself faster then they all began to chant "Harder. Harder!" till I got caught up in their enthusiasm and excitement and began really hurting myself. Suddenly it seemed too weird for me to hurt myself but I didn't want it to stop so I went to Jon and handed him the whip then put my arms over my head to turn slowly in front of him while he lashed my entire body. I was turning slowly panting and sweating from the excitement with my eyes closed to concentrate on the sting and burn of the lash when I felt a extra hard one distort my breasts and opened my eyes to see that Jon had passed the whip to his friend.

It just didn't matter! The more it hurt the more excited I became. That naturally made them all horny and when the song ended they were all standing around me with their pants down and holding their dicks. One of them said, "Suck me!" I felt I deserved the humiliaIation after demonstrating my sexual aberration so I dropped to my knees and sucked and swallowed till I could get his dick into my throat. As soon as he came the other man sitting on the couch yelled, "Now me!" I scuttled over to him on my hands and knees. His dick was a little smaller so he was able to stick his dick down my throat till my nose was in his crotch hair and then I felt Jon putting his dick in my pussy from the rear. He reached around to pinch my nipples and jerk on my tits till the man I was sucking went completely limp and I just collapsed with the exhaustion from the experience. They just let me lie there while Jon showed them to the door. I was grateful that Jon was the only one that fucked me but had to admit to myself that I would have let them all do it. I really felt depraved and felt that I had betrayed Jon by immediately doing as they asked instead of waiting for Jon to tell me to do it if he wanted.