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He was incredulous, "That will hurt a lot! Do you really want to volunteer to have me do it?

"Yes. I know it will hurt horribly. I burned myself once when bacon spattered on me. It will hurt and keep hurting so you can know I will do anything for you.I love you and want to be your slave."

He hugged and kissed me saying, "You are wonderful. Even my wife did not volunteer for branding."

"I love you. I hope this will prove it. May I suggest where the brands should be?"

"Of course. I assume they should be on your butt as that is least sensitive."

"No. They should be where anyone who makes love to me will see that I belong to you. Right here."

I opened my legs and pressed my index fingers into my pussy lips on each side of my clitoris.

He smiled and said, "God! You amaze me with your courage."

I am not sure I am brave enough to be still and I don't want to move and ruin a clear impression. You should tie me to the table so tightly I can't flinch.

He tied my legs open by wrapping ropes around my legs and the table legs then put ropes arond my wrists to pull me tight. Then he took a long ropes and pssed it over my body and under the table top to press me into the table from just above my bubic bone to my breasts until I felt like I was wearing a tight corset and could only take shallow breaths. Finally he tied twine to my pussy rings and used it to pull my lips back together to tighten the skin for my brands.

He told me to try to move but I was so tight I couldn't even shudder.

Finally he said, "You might want to see this."

He jammed a pillow under my head then used my nipple rings to pull my breasts apart so I could see my defensless pussy. My fear began to grow as he put the brands on the burner lifting them occasionly until they were glowing red hot.

He pressed the first into my lip to create horrendous pain as I saw steam or smoke arise. It hurt so much I couldn't breathe and just gasped as the burn seemed to envelope my entire crotch to increase even more for the second.

My pussy seemed on fire as he put a washcloth under the faucet but then he held the cold cloth against my burn to almost instantly stop the pain.

Then he got a towel wet and the filled it with ice which he left on my pussy while he untied me.

He led me to a mirror and I took off the towel briefly to see the letters, "J and W" dark red against the white skin.

I said, "Oh Jon. You did it perfectly. Anyone who sees me will know I am yours." I kissed him and that led to him letting me down to the floor to make love to me. Our sweat going into the burns caused additional pain that soared me into a glorious orgasm.

It was worth it though because he put salve on the burns right away and put the towel of ice back on it. It took quite awhile to heal. For the rest of the day I could only leave the towel off briefly to admire my new look but a liberal application of salve before I went to sleep had the pain nearly conquered by morning. I was reminded of the experience especially when he fucked me and our sweat caused the burns to hurt all over again.

I was disappointed when the red went away leaving barely visible scars but he showed me that we could always make them visible by spanking my pussy with a strap that made my pussy red but left the scars white.

For weeks he could not do enough for me. I was spoiled by presents, gourmet foods, and expensive wine until I would beg him to whip me so I could provide payment for them. I even closed out my bank account and gave him the money I had received in tips for my dancing to show him I was totally dependent on him.

I did anything he wanted so he never had an excuse to punish me. Even when I asked for it he only hit me hard enough to get me excited enough to insure orgasms when he fucked me either in my pussy or my ass.

Even his trips to the sex store were not to get things to hurt me. He brought back exotic costumes and vibrators to use in my ass while he was fucking my pussy or my pussy while he fucked my ass. Even when he was not interested in sex he always brought me to orgasm so I enjoyed one or more every day.

One thing he bought was really wild. It was a very wide rubber dick with rubber spikes sticking out all over. It was attached to a leather bikini panty. It was so big he had to cover it with vaseline and have me spread my legs as far as I could to get it in. Then he said he wanted to see if I could be a sophisticated lady and took me to the ballet. The thing almost made me crazy. Even the smallest movement made the spikes rub on my clit and inner lips. By the time we got to his private box at the theatre I was doing my best to hold up my head and move regally but I could not help my sharp intakes of breath when a spike dug into my clit and knew I was sweating under my clothes.

I found out there was more. He had me pull up my skirt then turned a switch. The prick began jumping and swelling and shrinking in my pussy. I really tried to keep my face calm but I began to go into orgasms that got stronger and stronger till I could not stand it any longer and ran to the bathroom to take off the bikini and turn off the dildo.

When I got back he just looked at me calmly and said, "You failed the test and worse drew attention when you ran out."

I tried to explain but he just told me to be quiet so he could concentrate on the ballet. When I put my hand on his dick he just gave me a look of disgust and lifted it off him to put it on the arm of my chair.

I was crushed. The ballet seemed to last forever and when it was over he just walked off leaving me to try to keep up with him in my high heels. At the limo he opened the front door for me to sit with the driver while he got in the back. I cried all the way home.

When we got home He went to a closet and took out a blanket to throw on the sofa. "Here, I don't think I want to sleep with a slut tonight."

I felt totally ashamed of my lack of self-control. I dropped to my knees in front of him crying, "Please don't be mad at me. Help me learn to be good. Punish me!"

"How? I know you have learned to enjoy your little spankings."

My mind raced over ways I could pay until I knew just what I deserved.

"My pussy caused me to lose control. Whip it. Whip it hard."

"Yes that may work because I know how you can show you have self control."

He had me get on my back on the dining room table then got some heavy twine out of a drawer to tie to my nipple rings and then to the table pulling out my nipples to their maximum stretch and pulling my breasts into my armpits. He tied my legs so far open I was doing the splits then tied twine on my cuntrings to pull the lips of my pussy up against my thigh. Finally he tied my left wrist to the twine on my left nipple. I was already in a lot of pain while he undressed then picked up the thong whip and went behind me to lay his dick on my forehead.

"Take my dick in your hand and stroke it. If you have any self-control you will be able to give me a good handjob. When I cum I will stop whipping your pussy."

I began to stroke his dick till he was satisfied with my grip and speed then brought the whip back behind his head.

There was a loud, "Splat" followed immediately by a sting and burn covering my entire crotch clear to my asshole. I screamed then I just squeezed his dick and braced myself for the next one. One lash fell after another causing me to jump and squirm to cause even more pain to my nipples and cuntlips. I just could not concentrate on stroking his dick. I found I was just holding it and squeezing at each lash. Eventually my pussy became a little numb as the nerves overloaded and I realized if I didn't get him off soon my pussy would be bleeding. I used all my willpower to concentrate on stroking his dick. When my body seemed to be enveloped in pain I was stroking so fast my hand was a blur and he grunted to cover my face with cum.