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He dropped the whip and stood there panting and rubbing his dick in the cum on my face while I laid there throbbing in pain.

He finally got his breath and began to untie me while telling me how beautiful and wonderful I was. He even compared my bravery to the christian martyrs.

I was in his good graces again in a big way. He flew me to Los Angeles and let me shop on Rodeo drive. This was followed by a wonderful dinner then a night at the Beverly Hills Hotel so I could look for celebrities. He was so nice to me I could not think of anything extreme enough to give him as much pleasure. I was almost disappointed that he was satisfied by a blow job and fucking my ass since that had given me pleasure as well.

When we got home he said he had a new experience for me I should really enjoy. We had an early dinner then sipped drinks for a couple of hours then he took me into the dungeon and tied me between the ceiling and the floor with my legs spread. This was a position I was normally whipped in so I couldn't understand how this could be a new enjoyable experience. He did not tie me tightly enough to hurt and even asked if I was comfortable.

A few minutes later the door chime rang and he stopped stroking my body to allow the elevator to come up.

I heard voices outside then he walked in with a black hooker I recognized from the sex shop.

He had her undress to show her huge boobs and then said, "I want you to give her the best head she could imagine. Make her cum till she begs for mercy."

She went to her knees in front of me to push her huge tongue in me. She was fantastic! Her tongue vibrated against my clit then she would stick it deep inside to bring it back out to vibrate again followed by sticking it in my asshole. It felt wonderful but I did not know how to react. I was afraid this might be a test and I may be punished for getting off to being eaten not only by a woman but a black one. Jon must have noticed my tenseness as I tried to keep control and totally relieved me when he stepped behind me to reach around to fondle my breasts and said, "Go with it baby. I want to watch you cum."

I relaxed to let the sensations run through me until I went into multiple orgasms that finally became so intense I moaned."Oh please. No more!"

They sat on one of the stretching table and watched me panting and trembling from aftershocks running through my body.

She watched me avidly then said, "Jesus Jon, The way you have her tied reminds me of the time when I was little and my grandma told me her mother was tied that way and given fifty lashes because the master of the plantation had raped her and the mistress thought she had enticed him and whipped her. When I think of it. It makes me hate white people."

Jon came over to me and said, "Would you like her to feel better about white people?"

I knew what he wanted and felt guilty about enjoying the experience so much so I moaned, "Please let her give me fifty lashes"

She jumped up with wide eyes and said, "Really? Is she for real?"

Jon said, "If you want to do it, here is a whip."

She grabbed it out of his hand and faced me to bring it around to snap it against my ass. She really hit hard and kept moving around me to cover every inch of my torso from front to back then as I screamed used the last twenty lashes on my tits and pussy wrenching them out of shape. I had gone beyond screaming and just shuddered and moaned at each lash.

When it was over she said, "Here is your hundred back Jon. I will never forget this as long as I live."

Tears were still falling on my breasts when he came back to get me down to carry me to the pool to cool my burning body. I had no cuts so I began to feel better right away.

I said hesitantly, "Jon, she made me have orgasms. Did the whipping make up for it?"

"Don't be silly. You were supposed to cum as a reward for my handjob while I whipped your pussy. I know you cum from being whipped too so I thought you may get off again."

"Oh no! I just get off when you whip me because you start out easy until I can get excited. You love me. She just hit me fast and hard with so much hate in her face I was afraid she might kill me."

"I would have stopped her if she got carried away. Your fear must have made it worse. She just turned your skin red. I don't think you will have a bruise."

He was wrong about that, When I got up in the morning I had several small bruises where the ends of the whip had hit especially on my breasts and pussy.

At least he was happy with me and I had to admit to myself I had cum at the last of her whipping when she concentrated on my pussy and tits.

The good news was eating at gourmet restaurants with small portions had caused me to lose weight and all the exercise I was getting from swimming, dancing, fucking and being whipped made my body look better than ever. My waist got smaller and my tits and butt got firmer. The brand on my pussy eventually became small white scars raised slightly from my skin. When my pussy was spanked and red the scars would stay white to make them easy to see. Jon liked that so my pussy was spanked a lot but only hard enough to make me climax.

The bad news was that Jon became really proud of the way I looked and made me strip for any of his friends that dropped by. I had to stand quietly, blushing while they would feel me all over and talk about me as if I was just some kind of beautiful animal. To add to my humiliation Jon would put a collar on my neck and lead me around on my hands and knees with a leash. If he noticed his guest had a hardon from watching me he would have me unzip his fly and suck him off swallowing all his cum and then drying his dick with my hair before tucking it back in. I didn't mind sucking dicks when it was part of sex but there was no effort to get me excited and after they left I would have to beg Jon to fuck me so I could feel human again.

Eventually I had so many clothes and jewels they did not work as well for rewards. He came to realize this and instead of just buying me things he began to be more demonstrative of his love for me. Anytime we were in public he would give me hugs and kisses so I could bask in the smiles of people who thought it was so sweet that we were so much in love.

Almost every night he would take me to the theatre or dancing in my finest clothes so I could enjoy the jealous looks of other women.

Unfortunately this also brought on insecurity for me because the other women, some prettier than me, fawned over Jon leaving me no doubt I could be replaced by someone even prettier.

I knew that the only thing I had going for me was my willingness to submit to any pain or humiliation that would make him excited enough to want to have sex with me.

There was no longer any pretense for either of us that I would be given pain as punishment. He would only hurt me bad enough to get me excited for great sex. I found I was volunteering to suffer for him more and more and would bask in the idea he really loved me when he would reject things I suggested that would badly bruise me or leave scars.

One day Jon said that his friends and their wives all seemed to agree that I was nice and quite beautiful so he had decided to have a party. I was very excited to be accepted by his rich friends and asked if I should make canapes for the party. He said that was not necessary because the affair would be catered and that I would be too busy as the center of attention. He had me go to a beauty salon on the day of the party for them to massage me and do my hair and nails then wax me to make sure I had no body hair. I hurried home to try to decide which of my beautiful gowns to wear. Jon came up to ask me what I was doing so I told him I needed him to help me decide on a gown. He ruined everything for me! He said, "Don't you remember? I said you would be the center of attention. You won't be wearing anything. I will even take out your rings. You are the entertainment. You will carry your whip totally nude and will go to each guest and tell them you will either satisfy their desire or take twenty lashes with the whip. It will be a test to see if you are slut enough to satisfy their sexual desires or courageous enough to accept lashes with no idea as to how hard they will be or where they will land."