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Just the Tip: Short stories of love and lust

First Christmas

by Aria Grace

Working late is never fun but when you have to do it on Christmas Eve, it’s downright depressing. I was there partly by choice and partly by circumstance but as the hours ticked away, so did my cheery disposition. Since my parents ditched me for a white Christmas in New York with my brother, I had no reason not to spend the entire month of December working my ass off trying to meet an unrealistic deadline. No one else in the office seemed concerned about it but they must have known that I’d get the work done since I had no family in town and no social life to speak of. Hooray for me.

The heater kept kicking in and the flicker light of my computer screen was giving me a headache so I stepped out onto the second floor deck for some air. The office building that I work in shares a parking lot with a motel that caters to the businesses in the area. It looked fairly deserted until a light across from me flicked on. I was about to head back into the office when I caught a glimpse of a guy that just walked into the room directly across from the deck I was standing on. He had obviously come from a Christmas party because he carried a shopping bag that he flung onto the credenza as he walked to the bed. He slipped off his jacket and looked through his phone for a moment.

I was feeling a little guilty about watching him, and was about to look away, when I saw him pull his sweater over his head. Holy hell, this man was beautiful. Even from across the parking lot, I could see that he was extremely well built. He was golden tan and had abs that I wanted to trace with my tongue. He loosened his belt and let his pants fall just as quickly as his sweater. I knew it was wrong to stare, but I couldn’t get my legs to move. I waited for him to close the curtains so I could take my soggy panties back into the office but he didn’t. He tossed his phone onto the table and opened his balcony door. It was a cool night so I knew he wouldn’t be out there long in just his boxers but I wanted to enjoy the show for as long as possible. It’d been over year since I’d had any action that wasn’t battery operated and even I wasn’t interested in fucking myself anymore.

He was staring up at the sky with one elbow braced on the door frame while his other hand brushed up and down his belly a few times before creeping down to his crotch. He squeezed his balls before stroking back up the length of his cock through the outside of his boxers. God, he was hot. I didn’t realize that I was mimicking his actions until I kicked up my foot to the top of the deck railing and let my own hand find my moist center. Just watching him lazily stroke his cock through his cotton boxers was hot enough to make me dripping wet, but when I looked up and saw him staring at me, I shuddered and almost came right then. I froze in horror at being caught, even though my cunt was throbbing harder than it had in years. I waited for him to make a move and when he did, I was shocked.

He hooked his thumbs around the waistband of his boxers and in one move dropped them from his hips and released his glorious cock. It was standing at full attention and was massive. It was huge from a distance so I could only imagine what it was like up close. What I wouldn’t give to feel that beautiful rod up close. After letting me stare unabashedly for a few moments, he took his cock in his hands and started working it again. He swapped each fist, one after the other, pushing down from the head to the base. It was so sexy. I stepped out of my panties and had my skirt pulled up to my waist as I fucked myself with my hand. I was never very good at masturbating without a vibrator but he provided enough stimulation that I knew it wouldn’t take me long to come.

He lifted his left hand to his right nipple and rolled it around between his fingers. He leaned into his hand a bit and I convulsed in pleasure. I yanked my own sweater over my head and pulled my tits out from the top of my bra. Thank God I was wearing a lacy bra! I lifted one of my full breasts to my mouth and sucked my nipple while the first wave of my orgasm rocked through my body. My knee wanted to buckle but it was too good. He was stroking his cock vigorously and was grabbing his balls when he also started to shake. I gently bit my nipple again while rubbing my clit until my arm muscles were exhausted and let the waves of pleasure over take me. I hadn’t had an orgasm, or orgasms, like that in…ever. I whimpered when it was finally over.

My mystery man seemed equally spent but he didn’t close his curtains and he didn’t go back in. He just stood and stared, watching to see what I would do. I was feeling bold after that so I took my bra fully off and gently kneaded my breasts. I could see his smirk and his dick start to twitch a little. Maybe there would be a round two in my future?

He made a gesture for me to wait for him and then he turned on his heel and went into his room. He stepped into his pants and grabbed his jacket and then disappeared from the room. Panicking, convinced that he had called security and was rounding up some kind of swat team for the perverted to come get me, I quickly gathered up my clothes and turned back into the office. As I was closing the door, I peeked out one last time and saw him walking across the parking lot to my building. Holy shit!

I slipped my sweater over my head without bothering to put on my bra or panties and walked to the hallway. From the top of the stairs, I could see him walking up to meet me. A part of me wondered if he was going to murder me and another part of me considered the security cameras in the building…but mostly I just stared with a goofy grin on my face.

“ Hi,” he said when he reached the top of the stairs, just a few feet from where I stood gaping at him.

“ Hi.” It seemed a little silly to bother pleasantries at that point but it was cute.

“ I just had to come and meet you. I hope you don’t mind.” He had green eyes that twinkled in the light of the enormous Christmas tree that the stairs surrounded.

“ Not at all. I’m glad-” Before I could finish, he stepped up to me and covered my mouth with his own. I could feel the raw need in his touch. I was just as needy and wanted to feel every inch of his body. I let one hand snake around his neck and the other slide under his sweater to his warm, hard back. He grabbed my sweater and had it over my head and on the ground before I realized we weren’t kissing anymore. I started to pull up his when he grabbed it and flung it off. He buried his face between my tits and used his hands to unzip my shirt and push it past my hips. Within 60 seconds of his arrival at the top of the staircase, we were both naked and out of breath.

He walked me up to a wall and lifted me by my ass cheeks. I wrapped my legs around his hips and felt his shaft poke the tip of my entrance. I tilted down just enough for his head to enter me and that was all that it took. With a grunt, he pressed fully into me. I relished the feeling of having his full length rubbing across my clit as he penetrated me. He was longer than most but on the thin side so it just felt perfect. I could have ridden that rod for hours. Unfortunately, my traitorous body had other ideas. Entirely too soon, I felt the deep inner spasms of another orgasm. I came hard against his body and left a wet trail from his belly button to the base of his cock with the way I was sliding along him. I couldn’t get enough of him inside of me.

When I was done with what felt like a neverending orgasm, I leaned into the crook of his neck to catch my breath. He was still pumping hard and I knew he was getting close to coming as well. He used one thigh to brace my body weight as he pulled out and finished with his hand. He shot his thick cream on my tits and face while moaning into my neck. I rubbed it into my skin and loving the warm silkiness of it. We both slid down the wall to the floor and spent a few moments recovering.