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“Fucker,” I whisper with a grin. I step inside and look for my wife. I haven’t been away from her for this long since the day we met, and although it’s a slow night, Haverty shouldn’t have left her alone in the bar. “Hollis, where’s Sophia?”

“One of the private rooms. She’s lying down.”


“Uh huh,” he nods.

There’s a twinge in my pants as I head to the back. It’s two in the morning and the last of the customers are clearing out as the workers begin to clean and close the place.

Red wine’s our specialty, after all this is a wine bar and why we named it The Dark Scarlett. But we also decided to spell Scarlett with two t’s, referencing a woman’s name and not just a deep red. I picture women named Scarlett to be fiery, passionate, badass wine drinkers. So yes, red wine’s the specialty here, but we offer some hard liquor and a few locally brewed beers as well.

My workers know me well... a little too well. One of the bartenders hands me a bottle of beer as I pass by. Sophia has them trained to cut me off after a few drinks, while she can get shit-faced and they’ll keep serving her until she’s crawling on the floor. Talk about someone’s who’s hypocritical. That woman.

I open the door to one of the private party rooms, and there, spread out on a sofa, arms over her head, black silk blouse unbuttoned showing off her fucking sweet body, skirt off and thrown on the floor, is that woman. Sophia Elizabeth Everton. Thank God she took my last name so I no longer have to see the word Jameson on our mail, or hear people use it in conversation. I hate being reminded of her shithead father. Man, this fucking woman. She knew I was coming and put herself on display to drive me mad. She’s fully aware that as soon as I set eyes on her that my cock will be twitching in my pants.

I take a swig of beer and lean alongside the doorframe, admiring the show. She’s not asleep, or passed out. She’s toying with me. I can tell by the way she’s trying her best to hold back a smile. Two can play this game.

I walk in and lock the door, dim the lights, and take another drink as I slip out of my shoes. “Hey beautiful, don’t you dare move from that position. Give me a second to catch up.”

Her smile grows, like my dick, and I can’t help but smirk while I undress. I make her wait while I finish off my beer with one hand, and stroke my dick with the other. She opens one eye but then quickly closes it and laughs.

“You’re fucking sexy right now, Soph. But you already knew that, didn’t you? How long you been waiting for me like this?”

She opens her eyes and clutches my wrist, not allowing me to have any fun pleasuring myself.

“Cove,” she says in a soft voice. “We’ve been apart for almost an entire week, and here you are, spending more time with your hands on that bottle and your cock than on me.” She slides her fingers down her stomach and my eyes widen as they disappear inside her pussy. “I’d rather have you deep inside of me than these fingers of mine. You know?”

“Fuck,” I exhale. “How many times did you masturbate while I was gone?”

She pushes my hand away from my dick and strokes it herself. “Every night before I fell asleep, every morning when I awoke, and whenever I thought about you, which was fucking all the time.”

Her skin is smooth, always soft, and she knows just the right amount of pressure to use when she jerks me off. I finish my beer and watch her hand glide over the skin of my shaft. Beautiful. Fucking feels incredible.


I stare into her chestnut brown eyes and smirk. “Well what? Keep going.”

“Cove,” she pulls her hand away and I can’t help but laugh at the ubiquitous bratty-ass-pouty look on her face. “Bastard. Just fuck me.”

“Maybe. Or maybe I’m tired and need some sleep and we can fuck in the morning. Or perhaps I’m waiting for my wife to kiss me and show me how happy she is that her husband’s here, and not just that his dick is back in the room.” Fuck, that was harsh. I hope she knows I’m having some fun. I should apologi....

“Oh, I see.” She sits up and positions herself with her legs to either side of mine. Her face alive, flush from alcohol... she’s sloshed. Perfect, I love to fuck her when she’s in a playful and inebriated state. She looks into my eyes and smiles. God, the thoughts that race through my head when I see her like this; I want to dickslap that sweet face of hers and fill the inside of her mouth. A logjam. I should do it, she loves it; I know she does.

“Ha, you say you want my love and caress and yet I can tell all you’re really thinking about is my mouth.” She opens wide then closes and laughs, throwing her head back in a teasing way.

Her eyes follow my chest to my erection, where she slides a finger teasingly around it. “Hello husband,” she jokes. “I’ve truly missed you.” Her words slur as she talks to my dick. “I think you’ve grown since the last time we were together. As requested, you deserve a big, sloppy kiss from my wet lips.” She stands and wraps a leg around my waist as her hand guides my dick inside.

“Ahh, those lips,” I whisper and close my eyes. “Yesss. You’re such a slut sometimes. All the time. I love it.”

“What else do you love? Whisper it in my ear.”

With my hand on the side of her neck and my thumb brushing her cheek, she waits for me to speak. My finger circles her earlobe and I don’t hesitate to slip my tongue in her mouth. I can taste the alcohol on her lips. Vodka. She groans and grazes my chest with her tits. Shit, I want to cum all over her.

“Sophia,” I whisper, my dick moving in its usual insistent, needy way. “I can feel every ounce of desire and passion you have for me. That’s why I love you. You’re devoted to me, and only me. You want to know what else I love?”

She listens and tightens her muscles signaling not to move. I want to fuck her, ram her until her head spins; indulge her into a trance, but I continue with the foreplay she demands. “I love your body, every square inch of your flesh. Your breasts are perfect for my hands... and also to slide in-between. I fantasize about holding those small wrists above your head so you can’t escape while I fuck you. I love when your long fingers are inside your pussy, and also when they grip my dick.” She hates it when Haverty and I use the word pussy, so I try to say it in my most affectionate voice when we’re alone. But still, her eyes open for a brief moment upon hearing it, before she relaxes again. “Those large, moist lips of yours... both sets of them... they drive me wild. My mouth and dick love them. And this tight ass.” She wraps her arms around my neck as I lift her off the ground. “Should I slam that ass against the wall, or fuck you from behind tonight, or should I treat you to a tender missionary style fuck so I can see your face when you cum?”

“Tender please... but dirty.”

I grin and rest her on the sofa, kneeling between her legs, still with the empty beer in my hand. She eyes it and laughs as I roll the bottleneck over her clit.

“Wow, that’s cold.”

“You like it?”

“Yeah, it feels good. Anything left in there?”

I turn it upside down, allow the remaining drops to fall onto her stomach, then lick them off, and slide the bottle partway inside as a teaser. Another soft moan fills the room.

“That feels amazing.”

“It will get better.” Damn, her vag smells good. I love it when she waxes and her clit protrudes out from those folds. Throbbing, begging to be touched. Haverty’s right, I’m pussy-whipped... and I don’t fucking give a shit.

With a twist of the bottle she throws her head back, the motion causing her tits to bounce and jut forward. I toss the bottle on the floor then lick my lips and power inside with rapid thrusts. We exhale together and I couldn’t ask for anything better than this moment, the feeling of being inside her slick, tight pussy. Fucking perfect.

I give her the affectionate caresses she deserves, while tantalizing her with harder ball slaps every few minutes. She loves it, her eyes fight to stay open which signals that she’s gonna pop. I feel her clutch my ass in an attempt to control my movements. Her breathing becomes erratic until it stops all together, and I know she’s reached that moment of total bliss.



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