Автор: Jones Nathan
Серия: Best Laid Plans #5
Язык: английский
Год: 2016
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The people of Aspen Hill have been forced to flee into the mountains. They’ve left their town to be occupied by the Gold Bloc forces, who’ve come to surround the remnants of the US military holed up in the Utah Rockies and end the war once and for all. Lewis Halsson leads the town’s defenders as they struggle to keep the enemy from following them to their mountain refuge. And, if he can manage it, he aims to bring the war to those who’ve threatened his loved ones and stolen his home, in any way he can.
Trevor Smith and Matt Larson lead the volunteers sent down to fight alongside Sergeant Ethan Davis along Highway 31. Not so far from their loved ones back home, but an impossible distance to cover as they brace for the attacks heading their way.
The Gold Bloc forces have already shown they are without mercy, killing or capturing any US citizen they find. The US military, the people of Aspen Hill, and all the civilians who’ve gathered in the mountains for protection have nowhere left to run. They must hold their ground here and win, or fail and watch their country be taken by the enemy, with a horrible fate awaiting any who survive the fighting.
They must win.

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