Capital Risk

Capital Risk
Остросюжетные любовные романы, Современные любовные романы
Автор: Grayson Lana
Серия: the legacy #3
Язык: английский
Год: 2015
Страниц: 70
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A legacy of revenge…
Dishonored. Avenged. Unbroken.
I never understood my family’s desire for vengeance. The feud between the Atwoods and Bennetts existed for years. I thought we could end it.
I was wrong.
The only way to save my family, my company, and my farm is through blood.
The only way to protect my child is in war.
Darius Bennett will die for the sins he’s committed.
And his sons will forever regret challenging me.
Betrayed. Possessed. Dangerous.
My father taught me that power and family were the most important aspects of our life.
He was wrong. Nothing is more important than vengeance.
The only way to save my family, my company, and the woman I love is by embracing the same ruthlessness that corrupted my father.
The only way to protect the child is by ending this feud and taking what is mine.
I will have Sarah Atwood…not because she belongs to me, but because I cannot exist without her.

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