Eye of the Sh*t Storm

Eye of the Sh*t Storm
Другие детские, Научная фантастика
Автор: Ford Jackson
Серия: The Frost Files #3
Язык: английский
Год: 2021
Издатель: Orbit
ISBN: 978-0-316-70277-5
Город: New York
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Full of imagination, wit, and random sh*t flying through the air, “Alias meets X-Men” in this insane new Frost Files adventure that will blow your tiny mind (Maria Lewis).
Teagan Frost might be getting better at moving sh*t with her mind – but her job working as a telekinetic government operative only ever seems to get harder. That’s not even talking about her car-crash of a love life…
And things are about to get even tougher. No sooner has Teagan chased off one psychotic kid hell-bent on trashing the whole West Coast, but now she has to contend with another supernatural being who can harness devastating electrical power. And if Teagan can’t stop him, the whole of Los Angeles will be facing the sh*tstorm of the century…
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