The Deep Zoo

The Deep Zoo
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Язык: английский
Год: 2015
Издатель: Coffee House Press
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Included in Library Journal’s "25 Key Indie Fiction Titles, Fall 2014-Winter 2015".
Within the writer's life, words and things acquire power. For Borges it is the tiger and the color red, for Cortázar a pair of amorous lions, and for an early Egyptian scribe the monarch butterfly that metamorphosed into the Key of Life. Ducornet names these powers The Deep Zoo. Her essays take us from the glorious bestiary of Aloys Zötl to Abu Ghraib, from the tree of life to Sade's Silling Castle, from The Epic of Gilgamesh to virtual reality. Says Ducornet, "To write with the irresistible ink of tigers and the uncaging of our own Deep Zoo, we need to be attentive and fearless — above all very curious — and all at the same time."

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