Homemade C-4: A Recipe for Survival

Homemade C-4: A Recipe for Survival
Военное дело, военная техника и вооружение, Сделай сам
Автор: Benson Ragnar
Год: 1990
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Serious survivors know that the day may come when they need something more powerful than commercial dynamite or common improvised explosives. For blowing bridges, shattering steel and derailing tanks, they need C-4. But, as with many of the goodies survivors hunger for, C-4 is not legally available to civilians and is hard to come by on the black market.Ragnar's recipe for homemade C-4 calls for just three ingredients, all legal, common and inexpensive. It requires no special utensils, reference books or training. The step-by-step directions will show you how to make your own C-4 - and survive!

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