The Threepersons Hunt

The Threepersons Hunt
Приключения про индейцев, Роман, повесть
Автор: Garfield Brian
Серия: Sam Watchman #2
Язык: английский
Год: 2012
Страниц: 53
Издатель: Road
Город: New York
Статус: Закончена
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A Navajo trooper tracks a murderous fugitive loose on the reservation.

Joe Threepersons is a killer, but that doesn’t bother most of the people on the Apache reservation. After all, killing a white man is not an unforgiveable crime. Sam Watchman, on the other hand, is paid to care. Though a proud Navajo, he’s also a state trooper, so tracking killers is his business. The sheriff sent him because of his familiarity with the reservation, but no man knows this territory like Threepersons. The killer has a rifle, a stolen horse, and thousands of friends willing to give him sanctuary.


As Watchman gives chase, Threepersons eludes him at every turn. But the trooper will get his man. After all, the murderer has only two million acres in which to hide.


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