Secrets [Soul Mates-4]

Secrets [Soul Mates-4]
Городское фэнтези, Любовно-фантастические романы
Серия: Soul Mates #4
Год: 2008
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Peter's life gets more complicated with every passing day. His relationship with his vampire lover Lucien is on the rocks, he can't seem to get enough of his friend and confidant, Nicholas, and events going on inside the coven are making him wonder when everything is going to blow up in his face. Through murder investigations and negotiations with angels, Peter doesn't know who to trust, as old friendships and loyalties begin to shift and change. Jealousy, intrigue and deception abound, and all Peter wants is for his life to get back to normal, if his life can ever be normal again. His love life is incredibly complicated, the Council wants him to get to work for them, and there's someone out there committing crimes who looks an awful lot like him. Can Peter find a way to mend his broken friendships, fix what's wrong between him and Lucien, and keep the coven together when everything seems to be against them? Soul Mates: Secrets continues Jourdan Lane's popular Soul Mates series, which features the novels Bound by Blood, Deceptions, and Sacrifice.

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