IP Multicast, Volume II Advanced Multicast Concepts and Large-Scale Multicast Design

IP Multicast, Volume II Advanced Multicast Concepts and Large-Scale Multicast Design
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IP Multicast, Volume II thoroughly covers advanced IP multicast designs and protocols specific to Cisco routers and switches. It offers a pragmatic discussion of common features, deployment models, and field practices for advanced Cisco IP multicast networks, culminating with commands and methodologies for implementation and advanced troubleshooting.

After fully discussing inter-domain routing and Internet multicast, the authors thoroughly explain multicast scalability, transport diversification, and multicast MPLS VPNs. They share in-depth insights into multicast for the data center, a full chapter of best-practice design solutions, and a start-to-finish troubleshooting methodology designed for complex environments.

Reflecting the authors’ extensive experience with service provider and enterprise networks, IP Multicast, Volume II will be indispensable to IP multicast engineers, architects, operations technicians, consultants, security professionals, and collaboration specialists. Network managers and administrators will find its case studies and feature explanations especially valuable.

Understand the fundamental requirements for inter-domain multicast
Design control planes for identifying source and receiver, as well as the downstream control plane
Support multicast transport where cloud service providers don’t support native multicast
Use multicast VPNs to logically separate traffic on the same physical infrastructure
Explore the unique nuances of multicast in the data center
Implement Virtual Port Channel (vPC), Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN), and Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)
Design multicast solutions for specific industries or applications
Walk through examples of best-practice multicast deployments
Master an advanced methodology for troubleshooting large IP multicast networks

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