Crow Bait

Crow Bait
Другая старинная литература
Автор: Randisi Robert J.
Язык: английский
Год: 2010
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Lancaster’s been in some tough situations before, but this one has to be the worst: attacked by three men and left to die in the desert—no weapons, no water, no horse. Still, he refuses to die without exacting some kind of retribution. He finds salvation in the least likely place: a horse so emaciated and pitiful it looks like it’d be good only for crow bait. And yet, ol’ Crow Bait manages to bring him to safety. And it’s Crow Bait who will help Lancaster find the trio of toughs who put him in such a tight spot in the first place. Even though he has only one name to go on, it describes Lancaster’s revenge perfectly—Sweet.

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