Sheet Music - A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story

Sheet Music - A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story
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Автор: Lister Ann
Серия: Sheet Music #1
Язык: голландский
Год: 2011
ISBN: 9781105173578
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Parental Discretion is Advised. Annie Logan and her band, White Rush, have been waiting years for their big break. Taking a last chance at stardom, Annie enters them into a 'battle of the bands contest' and wins an opportunity to perform with the legendary rock band, Thrust. This twist of fate puts Annie on a collision course with her larger-than-life rock hero, the infamous guitar God, Michael Wade. Annie's model good looks and Michael's dangerously raw rock 'n' roll swagger are like a burning fuse on a stick of dynamite. Would she be the woman to finally tame Michael's wild ways and show him the true meaning of love or would the gritty reality of the music industry prove to be more than she could handle? Sheet Music will give you a backstage pass into the rock 'n' roll lifestyle full of egos, excess and extremes; where sometimes even true soul mates aren't strong enough to survive the heat of the spotlight.

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