Once Upon a Thriller

Once Upon a Thriller
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Автор: Keene Carolyn
Серия: Nancy Drew Diaries #4
Язык: английский
Год: 2013
Страниц: 17
Издатель: Aladdin
ISBN: 1442465727 (ISBN13: 9781442465725)
Город: New York
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In the fourth book in the new Nancy Drew series, Nancy, Bess and George are relaxing at Moon Lake, when the travel into the town of Avondale to visit the local bookstore. Paige’s Pages is in flames which would at first seem like a tragic accident. The trio is out on a boat, and they have a close call on the lake. Nancy’s wallet also disappears, and then a statue is stolen. All of these are plots to local author, Lacey O’Brien’s mystery novels. Is there a copycat in town?

Nancy begins her tour of the town and talks to the people. Alice Ann Marple owns the Cheshire Cat Inn and is not a fan or Paige Samuels or Lacey O’Brien. Or how about Ian Garrison, the intern with Sherriff Garrison, who seems to be everywhere, and lastly what about Lacey herself? Could she be behind these crimes herself? 

Nancy uses her brains to piece together the case. She is a modern girl in this new series, yet the book stay true to the original characters. Today Nancy has credit cards and drives a car, yet she holds a passion for older things. In one scene she comments about needing a new book to read, and her friend tease her for not wanting an E-reader. 

These books are geared towards 8-12 years old, yet Nancy is in her late teens, given them a solid, older protagonist to look up to.

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