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Слепая месть [Publisher: SelfPub]
Нравится, как пишет автор легко с ноткой эротики..
Мечта Оливии
Глупый, нелогичный по сути, надуманный романчик. Такого "добра" пруд пруди и если бы героиня лишилась девственности при первой встречи с гг, то и читать нечего.
Самая прекрасная роза
Не понравилась книга. Герои далеко не подростки, но тупят какбудто недалеко ушли от этой стадии жизни. Героиня с неуместной гордостью, герой - со своей трагедией всей жизни. Читать было неинтересно. От
Куда приводят грехи
Согласна с предыдущими отзывами. Книга достойна внимания, очень необычный сюжет. И да... здесь нет ХЭ
Kahlan Amnell
Ръката на сатаната
Книгата не може да се свали.
Лесная ведунья. Книга 1
Один недостаток - мало. Жду продолжения...
Властители льдов
История интересная, но слишком много текста. Второй роман даже открывать не буду, начиталась.
The new technology of managing your life
The new technology of managing your life
Автор: Самсонова Елена Жанр: Бизнес Язык: английский Добавил: Admin 15 Окт 14 Проверил: Admin 15 Окт 14 Формат:  FB2 (207 Kb)  RTF (230 Kb)  TXT (204 Kb)  HTML (205 Kb)  EPUB (328 Kb)  MOBI (604 Kb)

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WHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT.What are books by Sigmund Freud, Eric Berne, Frederick Perls, Carl Jung, etc., about?These books are about us, people. About what we have inside of us and about what we should do to stop suffering and become happy and successful.But if these classical books on psychology can be of such great use then why so few of us manage to read them? Why don't we apply the ideas in our everyday life? Probably it happens so because the texts are too complicated, they are written in a difficult language and do not contain any clear instructions of how to use the knowledge in practice. And also because the modern person, especially a young one, prefers using contemporary «gadgets» here and now instead of studying semiconductor physics, chemistry, electrodynamics and other sciences in order to understand how and why his/her mobile phone works.The book by a talented business-coach, Elena Samsonova, «The New Technology of Managing your Life», is also about people and their lives. However, this book is written for modern people who are used to receiving high-quality information, quickly analyzing it, making decisions and acting immediately.This book is based on the original theory of roles suggested by the author. Using the notion of a «role» (a dynamic informational system) and the notion of a «personality» (a dynamic role system) the author explains in simple terms the reasons of any person's psychological problems and suggests simple solutions which can be of great use in everyday life.After reading this book you will be able to understand and solve most of the problems in personal life independently without consulting any specialists. The book contains a number of examples taken from real life which illustrate every theoretical statement and help to understand the technologies.This book could be called «Human. Technical characteristics and user guide».WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR?The book will be interesting for:– all those who want to find effective means of managing their lives in various situations and circumstances;– young psychologists and coaches who would like to gain a competitive advantage on the market of psychological and business coaching by applying new effective technologies;– business people and entrepreneurs who want to understand the system of human relations and become more effective in management, negotiations, career building, etc.;And besides there is a lot of information in this book on personal growth and on how to become the person who is able to reach all the goals.SPECIAL FEATURES OF THIS BOOK.In order to use the technologies described in this book extensive knowledge of psychology and other sciences is not necessary. If you have a problem, a question which you would like to solve… you just take the corresponding technology from the book and start immediately changing your life.The theory is understandable, the technologies are very simple; it's easy to perceive and apply them.The author of the book has almost twenty years of practice in management consulting, business coaching, NLP training and life-management training.In the first (paper) edition of the book it was called «Roles people play. Play your life by your own rules» («Piter» publishing house, 2013).

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