The Wild Days. NLP 1972 to 1981

The Wild Days. NLP 1972 to 1981
Язык: английский
Год: 1989
Оригинальное название: The Wild Days. NLP 1972 to 1981
Страниц: 14
Издатель: Meta Publications
ISBN: 0-916990-23-0
Город: Cupertino, California
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NLP: The Wild Days is a personal account of the historical development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, its two key developers and significant others from the early days. Richard Bandler, one of the two key developers of NLP, has described McClendon's 'NLP: The Wild Days' as "the story of John Grinder's and my adventures in the formative days of NLP. It's the story of the outrageous things that we did in the early 1970's. It's also the story of the spirit in which NLP was founded, has grown, and continues to evolve. That spirit is basically the belief that anything is possible, and that it's the human mind that makes it so. We never accepted what most people assumed about the limits of human beings. We felt that humans were capable of much more excellence, creativity, and success - in all kinds of endeavors - than most people believed. The growth of NLP, and its applications to fields as diverse as physics, pilot training, and sales vindicates the approach we took. "Terry McClendon has admirably captured the spirit of this singular adventure that NLP offers people. As long as that spirit survives, NLP will continue to push out the boundaries of human potential into unchartered, but very stimulating waters. Thank you, Terry".

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