Wizards at War

Wizards at War
Детская фантастика
Серия: Wizard #8
Язык: английский
Год: 101
Издатель: Errantry Press
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Nita and Kit return from their
wizardly holiday, looking
forward to getting back to their
everyday routine. But there's
trouble brewing. A strange
darkness of the mind and heart is about to befall the older
wizards of the world, stealing
away their power. Soon, the
young wizards of Earth and
many other planets find
themselves forced to defend wizards and nonwizards alike
against an invasion of a kind
they've never imagined.
But mere defense won't be
enough to combat the evil
afoot. With their alien teammates, Nita, Kit, and
Dairine must race to search
worlds known and unknown for
the secret weapon the Powers
That Be have promised them--
before the minions of the sinister Lone Power find it first.
And then, for the first time in
millenia, the wizards must go to
war. . .

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