Другие детективы, Малые литературные формы прозы
Язык: английский
Год: 2013
Издатель: Long Barn Books
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When Adrian and Paula move to a cottage in the countryside, they don’t know what to expect. At first, Adrian finds their new life idyllic, and insists on lots of long walks and fresh air, while Paula finds rural life lonely and dull.
Then some small and oddly silent children start showing up – in the woods, the garden, and eventually inside the house itself. Their presence proves disturbing to Adrian, who is having second thoughts about the move they’ve made. It’s Paula now who seems more at home with country life, and Paula who starts to take a peculiar comfort from the mysterious new arrivals.
Hunger is a haunting account of a marriage unsettled by a move – from a master of psychological suspense.

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