Revenge of Eagles

Revenge of Eagles
Серия: The Eagles
Язык: английский
Год: 2005
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Frontier Justice Runs in the Family
Falcon MacCallister couldn’t duck his father’s legacy as a shootist in the Wild West—and he’s never tried to. A man who lives between two worlds, Falcon has a reputation of his own—and it’s about to plunge him into a different kind of war.

On a stagecoach in southern Arizona, Falcon is ambushed. But the only people who die are the shotgun guard and a beautiful young Indian woman returning from school in the East. While Falcon has a choice to walk away, a violent conflict is erupting among the natives. The dead woman was the daughter of a powerful chief with links to Geronimo and Cochise—and a tinderbox has been ignited.

Falcon knows that the innocent will die with the guilty if the murderers aren’t caught soon. And in a land where nothing is quite what it seems, Falcon MacCallister is the one man who has the courage, the gun, and the bloodline to bring justice to a wounded and violent land...

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